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Oct. 15, 2019

Successfully Implemented Odoo Catch Weight ERP For METRO Wholesale Myanmar Ltd

Catch Weight Management Solution for USA< China, Africa, Oman, Srilanka, UAE, QatarIt was an opportunity for us to have a project with METRO Wholesale Myanmar. The entry into Myanmar marks 34th country in German wholesale company's international portfolio, which is a part of METRO AG. They are built on its modern warehouse in Yangon and empowered by its efficient digital ordering and delivery services. It is a state-of-the-art facility where incoming goods are received, stored, processed and packed in compliance with stringent quality and food safety standards for delivery to customers.

It was an opportunity for Technaureus to implement an ERP software in Wholesale business with the effectiveness of Odoo. We successfully implemented our product CATCHW8 -A Complete Catch Weight Management ERP with Odoo at METRO Wholesale Myanmar Ltd. In the histories of our catch weight implementations, it was really a milestone for us in our distinct ERP projects. Moreover, as the part of our Catch weight erp along with Odoo, the training we had given, also an inevitable part for us and also for them. Here we thanking the whole team for providing us such an awesome opportunity and support.

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