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Nov. 22, 2019

Implementation of Odoo Catch weight ERP For Food Industry in Italy

Odoo Catch Weight Implemantation Italy in Food industrySuccess never ends..One more happiness to our collection of achievements..With the expertize in the implementation of catch weight ERP in Odoo we proved our power in front of the top food manufacturer especially in cheese "Eggmoa" in Italy. Even though we already have various success stories in food industry sector, implementing a software for such a great team who having the knowledge of two generations and the courage to dare something new in food industry is really inevitable. While talking about the best cheese manufacturer in Italy..we are very glad that the project was really excellent for us..and they also feed-backed us with full of positive vibes. A proper erp solution can definitely extend the life of a business, therefor they can also sustain the 2001-started success for a long with this ERP.

Catch weight Management in Odoo suits for all the business fields of Eggmoa specifically for cheese, and is compatible with the world class Odoo ERP. Our CATCHW8 integrated with all operational areas of enterprise like sales, purchase, inventory, production, manufacturing, quality control etc..That is the reason why we are sure that the Odoo ERP implementation will be a milestone in Eggmoa's cheeze business.

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