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first spark on 2020
Jan. 21, 2020

First Spark on 2020 | New Year Celebrations

It was something special for all Technaureanz who realised the speciality of a new year that, it shortening our life span while moving forward. So we decided to celebrate the last day of 2019 & a blasting beginning for 2020 in a distinct way..Everything happened as we planned. It was not just a day for celebration but each of us shared our past one year memories & joy..The program was a great success than the last year..the entire team said. On that special occasion each of Technaureanz took a pledge together that, "we will dedicate ourselves completely and will definitely make this 2020 a mile stone not only in company's history but also in personal life." The celebration mode on Cyberpark Calicut was really unique. However by the end each of us became happy & left from Technaureus with full of positive vibes & energy of 2020.

New year vibes 2020 in cyberpark Calicut


Happy new year 2020 in cyberpark Calicut


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