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Meat & poultry
Jan. 24, 2020

Catchweight ERP Implementation in Meat & poultry industry of Philippines

Technaureus implemented catch weight erp for Rare Global Food, and is based in Metro Manila, Philippines and specializes in supplying premium quality imported meat to hotels and restaurants. Even though they have hands on seafood and poultry industry today, our opportunity to work for them was in the meat & fish processing sector. Along with Rare Global Food Trading Corp., Rare Food Shop proving their efficiency by providing quality meat, seafood and chicken with our complete catch weight management ERP system. Our specifically developed ERP for meat & poultry processors could manage the entire sub-area's of their industry sector such as complete inventory management, sales, purchase, production, manufacturing, quality control etc..And our CATCHW8 is a dual unit of measure extended version of Odoo open source ERP. According to Technaureus our Catch Weight erp In Philippines was a great success.

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