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Reinstating Assertiveness With Odoo ERP - A Success Story Of GEMS(GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES)

Company Name: Global Environmental Management Services
Country: Saudi Arabia
Industry: Semi Government


About GEMS

GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES (GEMS), headquartered in Jeddah, is a leading provider of integrated waste management solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company offers integrated waste management services, industrial and maintenance services, byproduct recycling, logistics, and transportsation management.

Technaureus Info Solutions(TIS) helped GEMS to integrate and customize Odoo ERP into their B2B platform which streamlined their varied business functions.

The Challenge - Dissatisfaction with the Initial Implementation by another Vendor

GEMS has been started using Odoo Since 2017. But the initial Implementation were not success. The client’s requirement were not met in implementation and customisations. Their complete business operations were not met in Implementation. Also they were unhappy with the support from the Initial Vendor.

Main challenges that GEMS had with the previous ERP provider?

Strenuous Manual processes

Communication Challenges

Dissatisfied Technical Support

Lack of operations capability

Issues with Procurement module approvals

TIS – Support & Implementation Methodology

GEMS approached us at a critical juncture where they were finding decisive issues on the approvals of Material Request which is customization done on their Odoo Purchase Module by another team. TIS initially made frequent communications to understand their complete requirements and challenges. We had set up a UAT internal server for testing purposes. Besides, we had done the required developments as per the GEMS request on the material request section and updated it to UAT.

Once we attained the go signal from GEMS, we started updating the changes to their live environment and this is how we rectified the first and the critical challenge of GEMS with our operational capability and expertise in Odoo.

Based on this pleasant experience, GEMS has contacted TIS again. They had requested customizations on certain Odoo modules & informed us to make it comply with their operation and business needs. TIS had made it a great success. TIS team readiness in every critical period of GEMS ensured the smooth working of the GEMS ERP system.

As the Odoo SH 11 EP version support stopped in October 2022, TIS was able to restore its existing database and host the same to the AWS server. It is our privilege that we kept the GEMS work recommence the next working day without any hurdles after Odoo stopped the server support.

As GEMS requested us to make Secure User login to their ERP with One Time Passwords (OTP) via SMS & Mail, TIS was able to develop a perfect module for this operation. And this is how we kept the promises to our best clients.

Upshot - Delightful days with Odoo along with the best solutions from TIS
Client were delighted with the 24*7 support got from TIS. Besides, the main solutions they got
• Fix of Procurement module - Material Request approvals issue
• Huge database migration to AWS
• OTP module development and integration for authenticated sign in
• Project and Contract module customization

TIS support to GEMS in their critical period helped them for their smooth ERP functioning. As they have around 300 users available in their ERP system, a minor problem will make a major consequence for all users who are using the system. Our support brought reliability and effectiveness to the GEMS ERP functioning.

Our Odoo skills and capability aid the GEMS users to do their operations in an intelligible manner.We had made all customization for them in a simplistic manner so the users don't find any difficulty to proceed with related operations.

A successful transition from Odoo SH to the AWS server was the major challenge faced by the TIS team during this long journey as the database size were huge. But the whole process was smooth and perfect. And TIS made that transition adapt to GEMS operation and business needs.

With efficacious customization and proper development by TIS, GEMS was able to effectively manage the functioning of all the aspects of their organization. With a handful of quality solutions from TIS, finally, we had let GEMS reach its potential.