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Revolutionizing Stitching Operations: A Seamless Integration of Odoo ERP at BAYRAQ

Company Name: Bayraq
Business Vertical : Stitching
Solution : Odoo 15 Community
Server : On Premises


About client:

BAYRAQ, a distinguished name in the stitching industry, specializing in the creation of thobes tailored to perfection for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Nestled in the vibrant city of Sharjah, Bayraq has been a beacon of excellence for over two decades, bringing unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless elegance to the traditional attire of UAE residents.

Founded with a commitment to quality and a passion for preserving the cultural heritage of the region, Bayraq has become a cornerstone in the local fashion landscape. With an unwavering dedication to providing exceptional products and services, the brand has successfully carved a niche for itself in the dynamic and diverse market of the United Arab Emirates.


Modules: Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Employee, Time Off, Payroll, Measurement, Production etc.


No. of Users: 10


Challenges faced by Bayraq before our Solution:

  • They had no complete solution to manage the complete operations. Tried with multiple vendors and all were failures.

  • All measurement is by pen and paper.

  • Challenges to checking the measurement history of customers.

  • No proper reportings

  • Manual calculation of payroll, incentives and other benefits.

  • On time delivery challenges


Solution Overview:

In the comprehensive tailoring ERP project, the primary objective is to facilitate seamless customer management and streamline tailoring procedures. The system empowers the tailoring business to create and manage customer records dynamically. For new customers, the ERP allows the creation of customized measurements, ensuring a tailored fit for each client. Additionally, the system provides the flexibility to modify customer measurements without erasing previous records, promoting adaptability.

Various tailoring procedures, including cutting and stitching, are efficiently managed within the ERP, offering a centralized platform for task coordination and tracking. The system encompasses a robust costing module, dynamically calculating item costs based on material and labor inputs. Employee commissions are factored in, contributing to a comprehensive evaluation of item costing. This functionality extends to profit analysis, enabling businesses to assess their financial performance.

The Tailoring ERP represents a holistic solution, encompassing customer management, measurement customization, task procedures, and advanced costing features. This integrated approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides valuable insights for profit analysis, supporting informed decision-making within the tailoring business.