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Success Story of Lateco Trading & Quickgoods Inc with Odoo & Catch Weight ERP

Business Name: Lateco Trading Inc & Quick Goods Inc.
Business Vertical: Food Wholesaler
Odoo Version: 12 Community


About Client:

Lateco Trading - Quick Goods Inc. is a food wholesaler Enterprises headquartered in the Philippines. It is among the most trustworthy and top-notch suppliers of San Miguel foodstuff. Lateco provide services for sari-sari shops, grocery stores, bakeries, and institutional accounts. Their goal is to open up the market to high-quality consumer items and complete this mission quickly and courteously, directly at your doorstep.

Technaureus Info Solutions (TIS) helped Lateco Trading Inc. to integrate our our Catch Weight Management Solution to ease them businesses, productions stock managements.

Challenges faced by Lateco Trading Inc:

Lateco Trading Inc. need to manage dual units of their products inventory and its operations. Hence, in order to commit to their needs, we deployed Catch weight and Odoo ERP.


Quick good Inc. is one of the most reputable and excellent distributors of San Miguel food. San Miguel's food sector offers a vast array of high-quality items and it has established itself as a market leader in its businesses in the Philippines with a broad range of goods, the majority of which are market leaders in their respective fields, such as food & beverages, poultry, animal feeds, flour, fresh and processed meats, dairy products, coffee, various packaging products, and a full range of advanced petroleum products.

The most well-known Lateco Trading Inc. is the parent firm of Quick Goods Inc. and a distributor of San Miguel Foods products. Technaureus, an authorised Odoo partner, installed a successful and affordable Catchweight ERP system. The meat, poultry, fish, paper, textile, and dairy industries, as well as the manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, jewellery, steel, and other industries, as well as the agriculture, vegetable, and fruit industries, all require the use of Catchweight, an excellent ERP that is now a requirement across a variety of business-emerging sectors. Improved inventory management for a corporation is one of the key advantages of Catchweight systems.

Implementation Methodology:

Lateco Trading Inc. has received assistance from Technaureus (TIS) in integrating its many business functions into Odoo, which streamlined them. TIS used an Agile methodology to plan out the various phases of Odoo 12ce. 

Main Apps implemented: 

The Apps including Invoicing, Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing, CRM & Catch Weight System. And by using this, through automation and integration, the system improves your industry productivity while reducing time & labour costs. In the beginning, we were sure that implementing this all-in-one web-based ERP Catchweight to Quick good Inc. distributors will help to manage all the aspects of their business. And after the implementation, it was very successful and they get lots of benefits by choosing this ERP. We are truly very happy to be able to properly implement this Catchweight product for our customer Quick good Inc. Typically, each industry will have its specific reasons to implement an ERP solution. 

An Exodus of Successful Outcomes:

1. Single Integrated systems that manages Inventory, Sales, Purchase and Accounting operations


2. Maintain their inventory in Dual Unit of measure.

3. Performing all operations and productions based on this Dual UOM.

4. Advanced & customizable Reporting features.

5. Van Sales Mobile App Integration

6. BeatRoute Integration - TIS has done intetration with Quick book and BeatRoute mobile app


BeatRoute is a SaaS enterprise solution that is entirely focused on your sales objectives. It is theonly Goal-Driven Sales Enablement Platform for Retail Businesses in the world. BeatRoute is a Distribution Management Software (DMS) that digitilize and empower the distributors and enable your retailers, dealers and B2B customers. TIS  have integrated this Beatroute with their accounting product Quickbooks. This will help to retreive the invoice datas from Quick book to Beatroute mobile app.

Lateco Server was maintained by TIS Team during this journey. But the every process was smoothand perfect. Our Server team has done the printing proficiency from any system into the lateco server by proper server configurations and integrated Applications.

TIS's effective implementation and appropriate development allowed Lateco to efficiently manage the operation of every part of their business. Finally, we had given Lateco the chance to fulfil its potential with a handful solid solutions.