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Hany Bakery's Successful Transition to Odoo ERP

Company Name: Hany Bakery
Solution : Odoo 16 Community
Server : On Premises
Business Vertical: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods


Hany Bakery, based in Saudi Arabia, is a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturer with a dual focus on both production and direct sales through vans. The company faced challenges in stock transfer, inventory count, and efficiently managing employee balances. In an effort to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency, Hany Bakery decided to transition to a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.


  1. Stock Transfer: The existing system struggled to manage the seamless transfer of stock between different units.
  2. Inventory Count: Hany Bakery faced difficulties in conducting accurate and timely inventory counts.
  3. Employee Balance Management: Challenges were encountered in efficiently tracking and collecting balances from employees.
  4. Sales Management: The existing sales process lacked an integrated solution, leading to inefficiencies in order management, customer communication, and sales tracking.
  5. Purchase Management: Procurement processes were not optimized, causing challenges in supplier interactions, purchase orders, and invoice tracking.
  6. Manufacturing Operations: Production processes faced inefficiencies in planning, work order management, and inventory tracking within the manufacturing unit.


After careful evaluation, we recommended and implemented the Odoo ERP system to address Hany Bakery's challenges comprehensively. Odoo, a versatile and integrated ERP solution, provided modules that catered to the specific needs of the bakery's operations.

Implementation Process:

  1. Inventory Management Module:Hany Bakery benefited from Odoo's robust Inventory Management module, allowing for accurate and timely inventory counts. The system provided real-time visibility into stock levels, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstock situations.The customised Stock Transfer method implemented to facilitate smooth and efficient movement of goods between various units, ensuring real-time tracking and minimizing delays.
  2. Employee Balance Tracking System: Odoo's integrated HR and Accounting modules were utilized to streamline the tracking and collection of employee balances. This ensured transparency and accuracy in managing financial transactions related to employee accounts.
  3. Sales Module:Odoo's Sales module was implemented to enhance the direct sales process, providing tools for order management, customer communication, and sales tracking.
  4. Purchase Module:The Odoo Purchase module was integrated to optimize the procurement process, streamlining supplier interactions, purchase orders, and invoice tracking.
  5. Manufacturing Module: Hany Bakery leveraged Odoo's Manufacturing module to enhance production planning, work order management, and inventory tracking within the manufacturing unit.


The implementation of Odoo brought about significant improvements in Hany Bakery's operations:

  1. Efficiency:The ERP system streamlined processes, resulting in faster and smoother operations.
  2. Accuracy:Real-time data access improved accuracy in stock management, inventory counts, and employee balance tracking.
  3. Customer Satisfaction:The successful Odoo implementation led to enhanced customer satisfaction due to improved service delivery.