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Odoo POS Customer Display / Pole Display Integration


Muhamed YasirApril 6, 2019

As we know Point of Sale is common in retail sectors as their selling point. This widely seen in supermarket, department stores, hypermarkets, grocery, fruit shop, meat shop, FMCG etc. Being a customer, want to see all the information such as product name, pricing etc. during his/her purchase. Customer display / Pole display helps to see the billing item and price in POS. The below video helps to see how the customer display works with Odoo POS Solution. Odoo POS comes with an integrated inventory management. Any change in stock will reflected in real time at Odoo Inventory. Odoo POS is compatible with Odoo eCommerce app. In addition, a single inventory module can manage both Apps which avoids the use of multiple products list for different modules.

Customer Display helps the buyer to take any decision during his/her purchase. Whether they want to include those item in their purchase or want to remove from the order during billing. Also this hardware helps to see the total amount of the purchase and remaining amount of their payment etc. The solution is compatible in any operation system such as windows, linux etc.

We have implemented the solution from grocery store to hypermarkets in branded hardware such as hp as well as in local hardware. Normally customer display consists of two lines with each having 20 character spaces. So this is enough to show the product in one line and unit price and qty in another line. This is also used for direction to customers to show whether the counter is closed or open. Similarly this helps to greet the customer by welcome and thanks messages. The Odoo POS Integration helps to see the billing item and price in POS and this Odoo POS Integration will be very helpful to get information about what they are purchasing.


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