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Leave Integration In Odoo Timesheet


Muhammed NabeelApril 8, 2019

odoo leave management

It is possible to integrate leaves in Odoo Timesheet very easily. There exist a module in Odoo itself to do this function. That is Timesheet When On Leave. You may heard about leave management in hr module too. But, here you will get a clear idea about leave integration In Odoo timesheet.

It is a bridge module to integrate leaves in time sheets.

Timesheet When On Leave In Odoo

After installing this module go to Leaves and request for a leave:

request for a leave

After getting approval from the manager goto Time sheets>My Timesheets:

There we can see the leaves as time sheets.

leaves as timesheets.

leave as task

Here the leave is considered as a task in the internal project. Hope you understood how to Integrate Leaves In Odoo Timesheet within the odoo leave management module.


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