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How To Configure Bill Of Materials

How To Configure Bill Of Materials

Sahdiya MammoottyAug. 24, 2019

Bill of Materials for manufacturing in odoo

A bill of materials (BoM) is a document that describes the component products, the quantity of each component, and the process required to manufacture a product, including a routing and individual steps.

In Odoo, each product will have multiple BoMs associated with it. But a BoM will only be associate with a single product. A single BoM can, however, describe multiple variants of the same product.

Setting up:

If you choose to manage your manufacturing operations using manufacturing orders only, you will define basic bills of materials without routing.

Before creating your first bill of materials, you will have to create a product and at least one component (components are considered products in Odoo). You can do so from

Master Data ---> Products,

bill of material-setup

or on the fly from the relevant fields on the BoM form. Review the Inventory chapter for more information about configuring products. Once you have created a product and at least one component, select them from the relevant drop-down menus to add them to your bill of materials. A new bill of materials can be created from Master Data --> Bills of Materials, or using the button on the top of the product form.


Adding Byproducts to Bill of Materials

In Odoo, a byproduct is any product produce by a BoM in addition to the primary product.

To add byproducts to a BoM, you will first need to enable them from Configuration ‣ Settings.


Under byproduct tab we can add byproduct list same as in components list


Under the Miscellaneous tab, you can fill additional fields. Sequence defines the order in which your BoMs will be select for production orders, with lower numbers having higher priority. Version allows you to track changes to your BoM over time.

Using a Single BoM to Describe Several Variants of a Single Product:

To enable this feature first go to settings and then enable attributes and variants;

settings--->attributes and variants

bill of materials-product cataloge

You will then be able to specify which component lines are to be use in the manufacture of each product variant. You may specify multiple variants for each line. If no variant is specify, the line will be use for all variants.

When defining variant BoMs on a line-item-basis, the Product Variant field in the main section of the BoM should be left blank. This field is use when creating a BoM for one variant of a product only.


Reference in BoM:

What is the use of reference in a Bill of Materials?

Suppose a manufacturing product has two or more bill of materials. But we can use only one BoM at a time in a Manufacturing Order. Reference is an easy way to differentiate each BoM in the list. We can assign each BoM, a reference string such that it will be easy to differentiate each BoM while creating a Manufacturing Order.


If we did not give a proper reference to BoM, we can’t identify it easily.

Bill Of Materials Cost and Structure:

With each BoM we can see the Structure & Cost associated with it.While selecting BoM structure/cost we can see it in detail.


BoM cost is detail with cost of materials in manufacturing product.



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