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Wishlist In Odoo Ecommerce

Wishlist In Odoo Ecommerce

IjasSept. 5, 2019

Odoo eCommerce Wishlist

 What Is a Wishlist ?

A wishlist is an eCommerce feature that allows shoppers to create personalized collections of products they want to buy and save them in their user account for future reference. Wishlists signify a customer’s interest in a product without an immediate intent to purchase. An odoo website allows the Odoo customers to create and manage multiple odoo wishlist.

Why Are Wishlists an Important Feature for eCommerce Stores?

Besides the obvious benefit of improving the customer’s shopping experience, wishlists have the power to provide a much deeper, strategic value to online retailers. For customers, a wishlist creates an opportunity to save items “for later” if they can’t commit to a purchase at that moment and find them quickly whenever they return to your store. It also serves as a convenient way to remind oneself of the products that made it to the list, which is especially relevant when compiling gift lists or pulling shopping lists for major future events, such as weddings, new babies, housewarmings, etc. Mobile shoppers find this feature particularly appealing because it saves a lot of “browsing” time on a smaller screen.

Odoo Wishlist

For using Odoo eCommerce wishlist first you need to install odoo Website builder module and eCommerce module.

odoo ecommerce wishlist installation

After installing those module successfully, goto website module


in settings under user experience section you can see an option says wishlist, please tick that check box to activate it.

odoo ecommerce wishlist checkbox marking

After ticking it go to your website dashboard

Dashboard -> click on” Go to Website “ button

then click on the shop menu.

odoo ecommerce shop

Then you can see a small boxed black heart icon under every product. When you click on that icon, that product will be automatically added to your wishlist.

 heart icon

On the top you can see the menu wishlist, just click on it to enter in to your wishlist.


odoo wishlist-pg

From here we can add the item to cart. It is done by just clicking on the button add to cart on the left-side. Or else, we can remove the item from the wishlist by clicking on the remove button.


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