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Google Drive Integration in Odoo


Abhishek M.SSept. 8, 2017

There are significant number of spots you could store your documents on the web, however, that simply having free storage is not sufficient to make Google Drive fascinating. What separates Google's file storage service is its integration capacity with web applications. There is no doubt that, Google drive is the most reliable source of data storage. If you are editing a document in Google Docs, With the use of google drive you can easily grab your files from your drive without any need of upload. Odoo support the feature of Google Drive Integration.

Steps to integrate your Odoo with google drive

For that, first of all we need to activate the developer mode.

Step 1:    Go to Settings –> General Settings

Activate the developer mode in Google Drive Integration in Odoo

In General Setting choose the option Google Integration and tick Attach Google documents to any record  after that click on the link below to generate the google authorization code.


Clicking on the link we will get our google account authorization code. Then paste the code on the empty box and click on the link below the box to configure the template.

 google account authorization code

Step 2:   Create new template with

Template Name: The name of  the template.

Model: Name the model to which the template is creating.

Template URL: URL of the document in google drive to which odoo is linking.

Google Drive Name Pattern.

Create new template

Step 3: Third step will shows the linking to the google drive document. Go to the   sales module (since the template is created for the model sale order). Select the Sale Order option choose one of the sale order from the table. Now we can see the form view of the order, then select the action option from the top of the form, from the drop down list click on the first one Sale Template.

View of linking to the google drive document

Clicking on the Sale Template will lead us to the corresponding document in the google drive.

Hope you understood how the Google Drive Integration in Odoo takes place.

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