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Restaurant Management in Odoo


Muhamed YasirMay 13, 2017

Restaurant Management in Odoo

Proper restaurant Management help us to manage the restaurant effectively. It is easy to manage restaurant by using Odoo pos. In Odoo POS Development, we have option to create restaurant floors, tables, no. of chairs etc. We can design our floor with different colour and similarly we can design  the tables with different colour and shape such as round, square, rectangle etc. This helps to take orders to different tables and manage the customers  effectively. These are some of the highlights which makes the Odoo POS as the best POS system for restaurant or the best ERP for the restaurant.

How to configure your table map?

Step 1: Once your point of sale has been configured for restaurant usage, click on New session.

 New session for CONFIGURing TABLE MAP

Restaurant > Activate table management >Apply.

Activate table management in odoo restaurant management

Step 2: Set floor plan with table details.

Set floor plan with table details in Restaurant Management in Odoo

First we have option to create  floor details. Then we can create tables in each floor with different shapes, seat capacity, position etc.

The graphical view of floor and table arrangement is shown below.

graphical view of floor and table arrangement of Restaurant Management in Odoo

We have another option to create table and its arrangements by drag and drop.

This is your main floor, it is empty for now. Click on the + icon to add a table.

option to create table and its arrangements in Restaurant Management in Odoo

Drag and drop the table to change its position. Once you click on it, you can edit it.

 Click on the corners to change the size. technaureus_pos_Restaurant_management7
 The number of seats can be set by clicking on this icon. technaureus_pos_Restaurant_management8
 It is possible to edit the table name with this icon. technaureus_pos_Restaurant_management9
 You can switch from round to square table by clicking on this icon. technaureus_pos_restaurant_management_10
 The color of the table can modify by clicking on this icon. technaureus_pos_restaurant_management_11
 This icon allows you to duplicate the table. technaureus_pos_restaurant_management_12
 To drop a table click on this icon. technaureus_pos_restaurant_management_13

Once your plan is done click on the pencil to leave the edit mode. The plan is automatically saved.

automatic saving of plan in Restaurant Management in Odoo


How to Register your orders?

Now you are ready to make your first order. You just have to click on a table to start registering an order.

You can come back at any time to the map by clicking on the floor name :

make first order for Restaurant Management in Odoo

Restaurant Management is very easy with Odoo. This will helps to run the restaurants smoothly. Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified software company in Calicut and ERP implementation partner which provides Odoo pos development and Odoo pos customization effectively. We have plethora of customers world wide with many positive feedback's.


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