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Data Recycle in Odoo 16

data recycling feature

NishanthDec. 20, 2022

The Odoo 16 Data Recycling is available in Data Cleaning module of Odoo 16. The Data Recycling is introduced in v16 versions of Odoo. It helps in the recycling of data depending on certain rules. Data Cleaning modules includes Duplicates, Field Recycle Records, Field Cleaning Records based on the Configuration Rules. There is a possibility that required records/data will be deleted from our ERP system. If such data are lost from the system, we can restore them using recycle module.

Data Recycling can simply recycle in any type of information or data, including partner name, contact details, Chart Templates, fields information & more.

To access the module, go to Odoo Apps and add the Data Cleaning module to your database. The Dashboard window displays a clear list of duplicated documents, as well as Field Recycle Records, Field Cleaning Records, and the Configuration Menu.


The Rules are configured using the configuration parameters. Navigate to the Configuration tab to configure Rules. The Configuration tab contains a dropdown menu with three submenus for customising rules.




To initiate, enter the Name of the Recycle Record Rules in the appropriate field. Then, using the available drop-down menu, choose a Model. You can add a filter after selecting the Model. Using this filter, you can pick the records that are acceptable for recycling. You can change the time field, Delta, and Delta units.


The platform allows you to recycle data both manually and automatically. The Notify Users field contains a list of users who will be contacted if any new records are to be discarded. In the Notify User area, you can also set and assign the interval at which you should get recycling notifications.

After creating the Recycle rules, click run now button to activate the recycling process. The records need to recycle will show in smart box along with their count and details. These records is available Recycle Records and recycling will possibly be based on the recycle field rules.

Data Recycling is an important in ERP for avoiding data losses & Recycling activities and now recycling feature is added in Odoo 16.
















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