3rd October 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    finally ODOO 13.. It was the most awaited moment for all the Odoo users to experience the latest and awesome features of odoo 13. Today October 3rd onward, the question’s.. DO U KNOW HOW OLD AM I??? :⇒ ODOO here answer fulfilled with Odoo13. Ie, Now Odoo reached into it’s latest phase & now onward…

  • Odoo Implementation In France

    21st September 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    Odoo ERP Services In France With the grace of god, Technaureus got an opportunity to work with the a pioneer nation in a number of technological advances which is France. It was really a great opportunity for us to provide our Odoo erp services as a country like France. A well known firm in France namely …

  • We celebrated the great festival of Mallus

    9th September 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    Onam celebrations 2019- Happy onam It was the day we celebrated together like all our plans which we decided almost 1 month back. It’s all about 2k19 Onam celebrations which we celebrated in the month of September 2019..It was not like all other celebrations because for Mallus it is always a festival. Moreover, it is…

  • Aegis joined with Technaureus as the part of Marketing

    20th August 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    A glittering star in the manufacturing and distribution area’s of various industries Aegis, started their marketing with the leading Branding Partner Technaureus. As a result, now onwards we got the opportunity to market with many exquisite products that are personally handpicked from international markets and is developed by Aegis team in India, UAE.. Even though…

  • CATCHW8 version 2.0 released!!

    10th July 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    With the years of proven experience in ERP implementation, Technaureus released next version of our product CATCHW8 V2.0 a complete catch weight management erp, with the maximum efforts of our CATCHW8 team. Thus, Our plan of releasing the next version on wards…With our decision of being different in the industry…We exhilarated with the adaptivity of…

  • Odoo POS Implementation in Canada

    1st July 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    The leading Odoo implementation partner, as the part of Odoo POS Implementation in Canada, successfully implemented POS for a retail outlet in Canada. The retail outlet is mainly dealing with milk products such as various types of cheese, butter etc. All the sales price is independent based on weight. Technaureus implemented bar-code weighing machine integration with…

  • Technaureanzz Celebrating Our Days..

    26th June 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    Technaureus added one more page to the memory book of our Team Celebrations. The day was really memorable for all Technaureanzz because the laugh & fun we had made together was unexplained..The celebration was in our software development platform itself. As the best Software Company in Kerala Technaureus is happy and satisfied in the efforts…

  • Odoo Implemented in Fashion Industry

    13th June 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    Now a days the growth of garment industry is related with world of Technology. So being fittest to the industry, it is important to integrate garment industry with IT or ERP system. Thus, ENAS, one of the leading ladies fashion brand in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates chosen Technaureus for their ERP implementation. Thus, Technaureus odoo…

  • Team Technaureus celebrated iftar…

    18th May 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    Technaureus added one more memory stone to the beads of our memories of our team celebrations. It’s all about the “iftar celebrations” which celebrated by Team Technaureus at Yash International Calicut on Saturday evening. We shared joy, fun and love together..and with all the prayers we Team Technaureus wishing you to spread love, care and…

  • Kadeejas Kitchen Re-branded their Logo with Technaureus

    16th April 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    Kadeejas kitchen, a prominent cafeteria in Calicut, Kerala re-branded their existing logo by joining hands with the well known branding service provider in Calicut. Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. the top brand designers, elevated our name in the world of Branding. And as a result, we took up the process of Rebranding the Identity of…