Onam celebrations
Sept. 9, 2019

Onam celebrations 2019- Happy onam

Onam celebrations 2019- Happy onam

It was the day we celebrated together like all our plans which we decided almost 1 month back. It's all about 2k19 Onam celebrations which we celebrated in the month of September 2019..It was not like all other celebrations because for Mallus it is always a festival. Moreover, it is always a great pleasure that, everything was nice exactly based on our plans. Thus, everybody became the part of the day by appearing the office premises in traditional dresses like Saree for girls and Kerala mund and shirt for boys. In addition to this, there were many things which made our Onam celebrations 2019 more colourful & really memorable. That included:. Onapookalam, Speech & Song, Debate, Dumb Charades, Onam Lunch, Ball Change, Ramp walk, Sundharikpottuthodal, Lemon&Spoon, Ball in glass, Balloon Breaking, Word Guessing and many more.

Finally, as the part of our celebrations, we Technaureanzz took a decision that, even though, we belongs to various parts of the world, lives along with various cultured people, enjoying the technological updations..We always keep a promise for the future generation:. “We will pass our blessed celebration of Kerala which is Onam, along with all of its originality, purity and traditionality!!!!!". And that was end of the Technaureanz 2019 Onam.

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