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A Success Journey of Maxon Freight Solutions

Business Vertical : Freight and Logistics
Odoo Version : 16 Community
Business Name: Maxon Frieght Solutions

About Client

Maxon Freight Solutions is aware that logistics can be a challenging and stressful procedure for both individuals and corporations. We are committed to make things simple for you because of this. Our team of professionals has years of industry experience and is prepared to manage all of your logistics requirements, from packing and moving to customs clearance and everything in between. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations by offering solutions that are dependable, effective, and reasonably priced. We don't just transport cargo; at Maxon Freight Solutions, we also advance businesses.

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Maxon Freight Solutions have a vast number of services and maintains its global presence through proficient business and thus results in excellent outputs which gives a customer a hassle free packing and shifting solutions. Our main mission is that we exceed customer expectations by providing superior qualities and relocation facilities worldwide.

Maxon Freight Solutions provides a 100% accuracy because of their decades of experiences in their field and they have a numerous contacts with the main delegates. Their several services such as air, sea and land have also known for their leading firm. So they can equip any mode of transportation securely of all types of consignments without a bothering of size and quantity.


Challenges faced Maxon on previous product,

  1. Efficient Inventory & Freight Management

  2. Manage Everything from one system

  3. E invoicing and Taxation


Technaureus - Implementation Methodology

Technaureus helped Maxon to integrate their business operations into Odoo ERP that streamlined their varied business functions.

SJTC approached us to manage their inventory and frieght operations in easier way. Maxon need to manage their inventories, order management, accounts and accounting reports, sales & purchases operations to make their efforts easier Apart from defualt Odoo, we have done 40% of customisations for managing their Order managemen process and and its related functions. TIS made frequent communications to understand their complete requirements and challenges. Finally, Odoo comes to the assistance result.


Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Invoicing, Sales, Inventory.

Number of Users: 10



Since, Maxon is an frieght management organisation with multiple delivery partners, we have migrated their master datas, COA and so on with shared requirement from client. Their main concern to manage therir and order and track their frieght after delivered from their warehouse to customer’s location.

An Outflow of Positive Results

  1. They can now create Order and manage their inventory items and tracking the delivery details

  2. Bulk Export and Import Order management records

  3. Multi Step delivery (Pick, Pack and Deliver)

  4. Manage Accounts with detailed Reports

  5. Manage inventory operations using barcode

  6. Detailed PDF report for order management with AWB number and Barcode with their specified Design

With efficacious customization and proper implemantation by TIS,Maxon was able to effectively manage the functioning of all the aspects of their organization. With a handful of quality solutions from TIS, finally, we had let Maxon reach its potential.