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IjasJuly 23, 2019


Odoo reports are communication tool that effectively shares data that we want to reveal. Also, the business report allows you to critically analyze the progress of business in all areas of the company. It guides decision making and allows business owners and senior managers to examine and address any issues identified.

A report for any business organization is a unique assessment of the operation performed in the company. So while making a report over those report documents, it is good to follow a standard report template. All documents for business purposes then follow these templates.

Odoo ERP provides a Document management module that allows in easily sharing, sending quotations and invoices, etc. Reporting format of Odoo ERP that includes several otherr reports such as accounting reports, revenue reports, payroll reports, product inventory & warehouse reports.

You can now use the Professional Report Templates such as the standard Odoo PDF report template. In the previous versions of Odoo, the user had to define the different formats, such as the paper format as well as the PDF format, by means of a code. In Odoo 13, added a new feature to achieve several predefined pdf-paper formats for the companies.

In this blog we are going to discuss about the odoo report template or document template which helps with easy management of company documents. In previous odoo versions, the end user had to define both the paper format as well as the pdf format via code. But from Odoo version 11, there embeds an option to acquire both predefined pdf as well as paper formats for companies.

For availing this feature you must follow these steps:

First enable,

Go to Settings ->Activate Developer mode >General Settings >Buisiness Documents

Document Template Settings In Odoo

Under the business documents tab, there are two options one is for setting up the paper format and another one is for the document template.

Business document format in odoo

The user can select different types of paper formats like this

Paper format in odoo

the end user will also be able to create different paper formats. There in case,  you need to fill different particulars to set up the paper format. Below is the screenshot to design the paper format.

The user can also be able to create different paper formats. For doing that the user needs to fill different particulars to set up the paper format.

Paper format alignment settings in odoo

The next section is the Document template , here we can select the header and footer layout for our document.

document template design in odoo

For previewing the document just click on the link preview document. And we can customize the document as we wish,for that click on the change document template link .

Document Layout settings in odoo


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