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Odoo Leave Management

Odoo Leave Management

AdhithSept. 20, 2019

Leave Management In Odoo

In odoo leave management is controlled by the HR Department. To manage leaves, Install leave management and employee directory.

Install leave management to get full features associate with employees.

Install Odoo leave management

apps->leave management->


Employee directory will be automatically install along with leave management. Hr allocates leaves to all of the employees. Leaves include various types-Legal leaves, Sick leaves, Compensatory leaves, Unpaid leaves and Public holidays,....etc.

We can add leaves at any time.

In this leave menu, there are sub menus like Leaves and Leave allocations which need to be approve. Also, there are sub-menus which are available to view all leave requests, allocation requests, and leaves that need to report to payslip.

There are 3 user groups

  1. Normal employee->if the user is a normal employee. They don't need to select any user group.
  2. Officer->user gets privileges to their leaves.
  3. Manager->user gets all the privileges, view permission to all the menu.


To add leave type

leaves->configuration->leave types


  • Leave Type : A name for the leave type.
  • Colour in Report : A colour that will be use in the leaves summary report.
  • Meeting type : If you select a meeting, once a leave is validate, an event will be created in the calendar.
  • Apply Double Validation : If True, then the request will require a second validator.
  • Allow to Override Limit : If True, the employee will be allow to take more leaves than the maximum limit.
  • Company : name of the company that manages leave.

Allocating Leaves

HR Manager allocates leaves to employee according to their employee type and position.


After allocating leaves it can be verified for status going to

leaves->my leaves->allocation request


After the approval, allocated leaves are shown in employee details

employee->select employee


Leave Request

We can manage and follow leaves in Calendar. The leave request tool and leave request sub-menu are also present. We can use Filters, Group By and also favorite to view leave type like Department wise, Team leaves, Allocated leaves etc.

leaves->leaves summary

leaverequest-leave management

Also can create leave request directly from calendar by

leaves->leaves request

directleaverequest-leave management

We can see the allocated leaves in calendar. Leave Request is shown by the yellow line. It includes number of days.

When creating leave request with the help of calendar, the page will be automatically redirected to the leave request page.

calendar-leave management

Select the button which changes to GREEN if want to Report the leaves in last month payslip.

greenbutton-leave management

We can see leave details by

leave->reporting->leave details

leavedetails-leave management



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