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Odoo 17 Community: Powering Your Business Growth with New Features

Odoo 17 Community

RahnaOct. 20, 2023

Odoo is a popular open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business management software that offers a wide range of features for businesses of all sizes. With the release of Odoo 17, it's essential to examine the changes and improvements made to the community version of the software.

In this blog, we'll explore the key enhancements and updates in Odoo 17 CE, making it easier than ever for you to manage your business operations and drive growth. Let's dive in and discover how Odoo 17 Community Edition can make your life easier and your business more successful.

Look & Feel

In Odoo 17 Community Edition, a significant emphasis has been placed on improving the overall look and feel of the interface, including templates and buttons. The default templates for various modules and documents have been updated to align with contemporary design trends. Whether you're creating invoices, quotes, or marketing materials, you'll find cleaner, more professional templates to work with.


Search Field

In Odoo 17, the search interface has undergone a significant transformation, presenting a new and improved look.

Draggable Wizzard

A "Draggable Wizard" is a user interface feature that allows users to move and reposition a wizard dialog box on their screen by clicking and dragging it.

Selection Key

In Odoo 17, the process of data selection has been made more convenient and efficient by introducing the ability to select data using the Shift keys. This feature allows users to streamline the selection of multiple items or records within the application, enhancing usability and workflow.


1. Catalog: Within the sales module, products can be seamlessly selected from the provided catalog option on the interface, allowing for the effortless addition of multiple items to the order line, reminiscent of the user-friendly experience commonly associated with e-commerce shopping platforms


2. Reporting: The sales module now includes supplementary reports, encompassing various aspects of sales data analysis, including but not limited to sales figures, salesperson performance, product-related insights, and customer-centric information.



1. Dropshipping: Within the inventory module, a notable addition is the introduction of the dropshipping feature, conveniently located under the operations section. This enhancement facilitates a smoother and more efficient supply chain management process.

2. Transfers: In the prior version, all inventory movements were consolidated and recorded under the "Transfers" menu. However, in Odoo 17, there is now a distinct menu for each type of inventory movement, ensuring a more organized and specific approach to managing these movements within the "Transfer" section.


1. Reporting: Within the invoicing module, a notable addition is the inclusion of an extra report known as "Analytic Reporting." This report provides enhanced insights and analytics, offering valuable information to facilitate more informed decision-making in financial matters.

2. Bank Accounts: Under the "Vendors" menu, a valuable new feature has been introduced to view bank accounts that have been integrated into the system. This functionality provides a convenient way to gain insight into bank transactions, enhancing transparency and facilitating a better understanding of financial activities.


1. Remote Work: In Odoo 17, the system now allows you to define remote work settings for each employee, along with the introduction of dedicated reports. With this feature, the presence icons are also updated to reflect the remote work location of each employee.


2. Contract Expiration: A new option has been introduced, allowing users to define both the "Contract Expiration Notice Period" and the "Work Permit Expiration Notice Period." This feature provides organizations with greater control over managing employee contracts and work permits, ensuring timely notifications and compliance with expiration dates. This can be a valuable addition to human resources and compliance management, streamlining administrative processes and helping businesses stay organized and compliant with legal requirements.

3. Org Chart: Another noteworthy feature in the employee module is the introduction of the "Org Chart." This feature provides comprehensive details about the organizational structure within your company. It offers a visual representation of how departments, teams, and individuals are interconnected, making it easier for users to understand and navigate the organizational hierarchy.


1. Activity plan: In the CRM module of Odoo 17, a new capability has been added that allows users to plan lead activities. This feature enables businesses to strategically schedule and manage activities related to potential leads and opportunities. By efficiently planning lead activities, sales teams can enhance their engagement with prospects, improve conversion rates, and maintain a more organized and effective approach to lead management.


1. Kiosk Mode: A notable addition in the Point of Sale (POS) module of Odoo 17 is the introduction of the "Kiosk Mode." This feature empowers customers to conveniently scan a QR code, which then allows them to place their orders with ease.


2. Product Combos: The "Product Combos" feature in Odoo allows customers to select specific products from a predefined combination or package at a special discounted price. This feature provides customers with the flexibility to choose products that align with their preferences while enjoying cost savings on bundled items.

Create a new product with product type as “ combo”

Choose the Combo choices in the product configuration.

Selecting the product will cause the combo options to show up, allowing us to select the item at the special price.


At Technaureus, we're proud to be at the forefront of Odoo implementation, leveraging the power of Odoo 17 Community Edition to help businesses thrive. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide tailored solutions that transform how organizations manage their operations. Discover the seamless synergy of Technaureus and Odoo 17, unlocking new possibilities for your business growth. As an Official Odoo Certified Partner and an Odoo Award-winning Company, our dedication to Odoo and our exceptional track record in delivering innovative solutions have earned us these prestigious accolades. With Technaureus, you can trust in our expertise and experience to optimize your business operations and achieve success.


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