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How To Offer Discounts In Odoo Ecommerce?


Muhammed NizarudheenDec. 27, 2018

It is possible to add discounts & display discounts In Odoo Ecommerce products. Offers and discounts in e-commerce are the important strategies for getting the attraction of customers. Special promotional offers are given to the hesitant shoppers, as a result, they turn into your customers and your customers turn into your repeat customers. Thus, Odoo provides this feature in a very simple way. In this blog, we will see how to offer discounts in Odoo e-commerce.

Firstly, Go to sales module  >settings  >pricing

You can see here three options >Discounts >Multiple Sales Prices per Product >Margins. You can select any according to the requirements.

Set discounts in Odoo e-commerce.

After that, go to >Price lists. Here you can create a new price list or you can select one from the list, and i am selecting the public price from the list.

create a new price list

Now, you need to >Activate the created public price. Here you can select the required currency. Then You can set the e-commerce promotional code and the website on which the discount to be given.

Created public price activation, select the required currency and set the e-commerce promotional code

Now select >Add an item

Add an item

You can see a new window now. >Apply On option will allow you to select on which category the discount is to be applied and you can see four options there. a. Global,  b. Product Category,  c. Product,  d.Product Variant.

As a result, I have selected the product ‘Apple In-Ear Headphones’ here. You can compute the discount price in three different ways.

1.  Fixed Price 

2.  Percentage (discount) or by using 

3.  Formula.

I have used here percentage discount. You can set the minimum quantity on which the offer works and also the offer date. Then Save the changes.

percentage discount

As a result, you can see ‘Apple In-Ear Headphones’ is having a 50% discount. In Odoo 11 Coupons & Promotions are available only in enterprise version by default.

View of Apple In-Ear Headphones’ is having a 50% discount

As a result, if you are looking for more promotional options, Team Technaureus can cater to your requirements. This important eCommerce feature is provided by Odoo in a simple way. This eventually Odoo proves that anyone who is looking to start E-commerce, Odoo will be one of your options. Moreover, this helps to integrate the entire process in a single platform. The only thing you have to do is, to choose a good implementation partner. Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a software company in Calicut provides the complete E-commerce solutions such as Odoo theme development, Odoo website development, Odoo website design, Odoo installation, Odoo implementation, custom development, promotions, and strategies.

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