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Advantages Of Odoo ERP


AsrayaDec. 31, 2018

ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) is the effective management of all business activities with the help of technology. Nowadays, an ERP system is important for an organization’s day to day functioning and entire business processes. So by the help of ERP an enterprise can reduce their manual works and to concentrate more on critical activities. Moreover, an organization can develop their own ERP which is time and cost consuming. Also, it needs more functional experts for continuous updates. As a result, it’s quite difficult when compared to a third party open source systems.

 Benefits Of Odoo            

Odoo is a popular open source ERP solution which offers a variety of business modules that meets the business requirements. The Benefits / advantages of Odoo ERP helps you to choose a best software. Odoo is an all in one suit for business applications including CRM, Sales,Warehouse Management, Project Management, Financial Management and Human Resource Management. In other words, managing the entire business from one spot is somewhat interesting. Hence this system brings a standard throughout the organization and increases the efficiency by reducing time and man power. In short, the advantages Of Odoo ERP makes a business more profitable.

Every department of an enterprise are related with each other. The performance of one department will influence the remaining. So Odoo is used to coordinate the performance of each department. Earlier, the situation was that for every department had separate application that structured only for a particular task, which is not interconnected with each other. As a result, that made difficult for other departments to access the required data. These problems were solved by the invention of Odoo. It is considered as one of the main advantages of Odoo ERP which makes it distinct.

Odoo is mostly favourable for small to mid sized organizations. Many organizations develop odoo app and place them in the market for sales or for free download. It’s opensource nature makes the source code is available for everyone. Let us have a look in to the benefits of Odoo ERP  over other ERP systems.

1. Extensible architecture

Odoo allows and accept significant extension of its capabilities, without major rewriting of code or changes in its basic architecture.

2. Available with no licensing costs.

Cost of developing an ERP is so high, Odoo offers a Base ERP with no licensing cost. So that end user can maximise the budget for implementation and customization as per the requirement.

3. Customization

Users can customize the application to meet the business requirement. Which is a tailor made concept, that provides unique features for each and every business in this competitive world. The strategy followed by each organization may differ from one another. Odoo offers highly customizable concept, which is really an advantage for businesses of all size.

4. Open source

Odoo community is an open source. The source code is available for everyone. In addition, Open source model allows companies to access the ERP system’s code and customize it by themselves. It saves the business costs in the long run.

5. Comprehensive in nature

Odoo has two editions namely Community and Enterprise, community edition is open source and everyone can assess, but enterprise edition will never be open sourced and the code will only available to Odoo and official Odoo partners. Odoo has about 30 core modules and 5000 community modules, which aid all the business management activities. These modules can be modified based on the requirements. The wide range of functionality and features will satisfy the business needs.

6. Updated technology

odoo frequently updating and upgrading their technologies. This platform keep on modifying along with the updated technologies.

7. Easy to integrate

Odoo integration is easy to configure and it can be easily integrate with other ERPs only to improve their efficiency. Moreover Integration with E-commerce will be an advantage for the businesses in this digital era.

8. Highly secured

Odoo ensure the accuracy, consistency and security of data. So Odoo protect all business information that are confidential in nature.

9. User Friendly

Odoo is very easy to learn and understand. It provides good user experience.

10. Flexibility

Odoo offers plenty of modules. In which user can install modules as per their business needs. Also they can add new modules when the business grows.

11. Odoo studio

Odoo studio helps the end user to create and build their own customized application. Also helps to add, remove and modify screens of the system. Studio helps to design awesome reports.

12. Responsive

Odoo enterprise edition is responsive and community edition is not responsive till version 11.0. But version 12 onward all the three versions such as odoo online, odoo enterprise and odoo community will be responsive.

Hence as an open source ERP software, the Advantages Of Odoo ERP makes it as the best. So while choosing an ERP software don't think too much. Always choose the best platform and services..

In conclusion, hope you understood how the advantages Of Odoo ERP is beneficial for a business. So, while choosing the Odoo ERP for you business, the thing you need to think about is that, whether the opted Odoo implementation partner is reliable or not.


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