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How To Create Email Marketing Template In Odoo


Arunima PNov. 21, 2018

Odoo provides a feature that user can create a customized template for each purpose. Default template replaces our own Email template in Odoo. It is possible within few steps.


Odoo 11 provide a separate module for email marketing. First of all, we need to install email marketing module.

Then go to:

Email marketing→Mailings→Mass Mailings→Create

install email marketing moduleSelect a template in Mail Body tab and then start creating your own email template.

There are many snippet tools. Drag and drop to the body as per your choice.

Header part
There are some options Left Logo, Left Text Centered Logo, and Banner

Here I choose Centered Logo.

Choose Header part

Double click on the logo, you can see a wizard to set logo

Body part
In Body part there also several options you can customize as per need.

Body part view

If you need a marketing template. There are several options

  • Promo code
  • Discount Offer
  • Event
  • Steps

Here I choose Promo code.

Options for marketing templates

Select a footer part.

Fill the footer part

After filling all the fields you need Save your new email template.

The new customized email template is created. This is the way a user can create an Email template in Odoo.


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