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Configure Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server in Odoo


Abhishek M.SSept. 7, 2017

It is very easy to Configure incoming and outgoing mail server in Odoo. This blog will be explaining how to setup mail servers in Odoo. Follow the instructions as shown below:

At first go to Settings -> Technical -> Email -> Incoming Mail Servers (or) Outgoing Mail Servers:


Incoming Mail Server Setup

After selecting Incoming Mail Servers option we can begin to configure incoming mail server. Before configuring, there are some mandatory fields that we need to fill.

‘Name’ : Just a label for the setup.It must be unique. Name it as ‘Incoming Gmail’  (or anything else you need to put).

Server Type’ : It is the type of server to use by default it is ‘pop server’.

Server Name’: here we want to enter the server name which point to the ‘pop server’ for example ‘’.

Port’ is the port of SMTP server.

Choose appropriate security. Eg: Mark ‘SSL/TLS’, is the type of security.

Now fill the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ in the ‘Login Information’ section as the mail id from which the mail is need to come and its password.


After filling all the details click on the ‘Test&Confirm’ button. It will test the connection based on the details and confirm the connection only if the details are correct. In such a way incoming mail server configuration is possible in Odoo.

Configure Outgoing Mail Server in Odoo

Outgoing Mail Server Setup

Selecting the ‘Outgoing Mail Servers’

option we can configure the outgoing mail server. Like  Incoming Mail Servers setup there also have some mandatory field to fill.

Description’ : Just like name enter it as ‘Outgoing Mail’.

'SMTP Server': Write the Hostname or IP of SMTP server for example ‘’.

SMTP Port' : The port of the server ie, 465 for gmail.

Then select the ‘Connection Security’ as ‘SSL/TLS’ from the drop down list and fill the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ as the mail to which the mail to be sent and its password.

Connection Security option for Configure Outgoing Mail Server in Odoo



When the fields are filled click on the ‘Test Connection’ button in the left most corner, in order to check whether the connection is made successful or not. If the connection is successful thenbodoo will send mail to the specified Gmail.                                                                         

Last step of Configure Outgoing Mail Server in Odoo

Hope you understood how to Configure Outgoing Mail Server in Odoo..

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