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By-Product in Odoo Manufacturing

By-Product in Odoo Manufacturing

ajay krishnaMarch 23, 2020

A Byproduct is a secondary product derived from a production process, manufacturing process or chemical reaction. It is a unit that is obtain inadvertently during the process of manufacturing another product. That is, it is not the primary product or service being produced. In Odoo manufacturing we create byproduct and add with the primary product. In this blog we discuss in detail about Byproduct in Odoo Manufacturing.

Go to


By-Products in Odoo Manufacturing

Put tick mark on the By-product to enable that feature. Then click :

Master Data->Bill of Materials->

manufacturing_bills of matierials

Click Create->

Create_bills of matierials


  • Product
  • Quantity

Then click Add an item-> to add items.

Then go to : Byproducts->

Add an item

Add the byproduct using Add an item-> button

Then click Save->

Go to Manufacturing orders->

by products manufaturing orders

Then click : Create->

Add product and quantity

Thereafter, add the product and enter the quantity.

Then Save->

Check availability in Byproduct in Odoo Manufacturing.

Check availability->


manufaturing orders _produce in Byproduct in Odoo Manufacturing.

Record Production->

Record production

In this the consumed quantity will change to 5.

Click Mark as Done->Finished Products->

Finished products in Byproduct in Odoo Manufacturing.

Here we can see our main product and by product are produced.

Then go to :

Product->computer table->

Byproduct in Odoo Manufacturing is changed

We can see our byproduct quantity on hand changes to 5.


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