Odoo Training

WHY ODOO Training?

Firstly, being a user, developer, administrator etc, it is essential that to get a proper guidance for, performing each of the activity smoothly. Thus, proper odoo training will help your business to implement new techniques. In other words, functional training helps to understand the complete workflow of the most leading open erp solutions.

In addition, those who are looking for technical changes, then approach Odoo technical trainers, that will be the right thing they have to do. Moreover, the people who maintain the system or administration of any organization, then approach Odoo Administration Trainers, that will help you to become a good Odoo ERP Administrator.

Further, there are training for server maintenance and database administration. But, it does not matters how big or small you are. In short, the proper training helps to save the time and get the right guidance. Having a proper mentor is exciting. So here you go.

Odoo Training Service by Technaureus odoo Team

why technaureus?

  • Experience in almost all versions from version 5.0.
  • Shows expertise in providing functional Training.
  • Experience in Community, Enterprise and Odoo.sh Editions.
  • Providing Technical Training.
  • Highly experienced Administration Training providers.
  • Shows expertise in providing Server maintenance Training.
  • Experience in providing Database Management Training.
ERP Training
Odoo Training
Functional-Training in odoo

Functional Training

Configuration and Module workflow Training

Odoo Technical training

Technical Training

Frontend and Backend Development Training

Administrative training in odoo

Administration Training

Odoo Server and Database Administration Training