Odoo Configuration

WHY ODOO configuration?

A configure file can have some characteristics like, it is human-readable, easy to copy from one system to another, to add features of their own  configuration to the system etc. But, this only never completes the configuration. There is some configuration within odoo database. So, you have to choose right odoo partner for that. In short, only a good odoo erp implementation  partner can make success.

Moreover, the important section of odoo setup is its configuration file, here giving all the configuration details about Port, Interface, Database and Paths. However, if crop up with any miss configuration as a result, it will be fail to load and run.


why technaureus?

Why odoo configuration
  • Experienced in all editions of odoo versions.
  • Keep the right resources and processes.
  • Considerable on confidentiality and security.
  • Provide online support.
  • Experience in configuring SSL security .
  • Software and Hardware integration Experience
  • Experience in domain and sub domain configuration.
Installation, Customization, Implementation
Odoo Configuration
Odoo crm Implementation servic by Technaureus

Odoo CRM Implementation

Keep track your leads and opportunities. Thus, Convert them to Business.

Odoo POS Implementation

Keep selling on responsive web based on pos with offline support.

Odoo restaurant implementation

Odoo Restaurant Implementation

That is to say, manage your orders, tables, and kitchen orders seamlessly