Inventory Adjustment In Odoo
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Sometimes, Business organizations face a problem of decreasing amount of inventory items without sale. This happened because of inventory breakage, loss, theft etc. Inventory adjustments are increases and decreases  made to inventory to match an item’s actual on-hand quantity. One of the most important feature of warehouse management system is to keep inventory right. Odoo provide more featured inventory management and adjustment to users. Odoo inventory management is one of the major modules of Odoo ERP. Inventory adjustment in Odoo keep the track of every products managed by a company.

Initial Inventory Adjustments

Product Configuration:

It is important to configure your product rightly.

Go to:

Inventory →Master Data →Products

Create a new product by clicking create button

The thing you should ensure that the product type should be Stockable Product not consumable.

Create new product for Inventory Adjustment In Odoo

Set up Initial Inventory :

Here we can see on  the upper tiles quantity on hand is 0.000. Update quantity on hand of product by clicking on Update Qty On Hand button(on left top).

Then update the quantity.

update product quantity

Note: If your product have different variants,then you can select product type differently as per variants and  can set different quantity on hand.

product have different variants

Click on Apply button. Then you can see that on upper tiles On Hand value will be changed.

Then,check your inventory adjustment.

Inventory →Operations →Inventory Adjustments

Then you can see that the newly created product or updated product will be automatically added and validated by the system.

 newly created product or updated product will be automatically added and validated by the system

Here the new product Mango Juice is automatically added as ‘INV:Mango Juice’ and status is ‘validated’.

Example for Inventory adjustment in Odoo

Create New Inventory Adjustments

Create new inventory by

Inventory →Operations →Inventory Adjustments

Then click create button.

There are different option while creating the new inventory.

you can choose :

  • All products
  • One product category
  • One product only
  • Select product manually
  • A pack
  • All Product

For updating inventory adjustments of all products.

Select All products from Inventory of section.

updating inventory adjustments of all products

After,click Start Inventory button. Get Inventory details .Then you can change the quantity of the item as per your need.

Inventory details

  • One Product Category

For adjusting inventory of one product category.

Create new inventory and select One product category.

Then Inventoried Category is displayed on right side ,select the category.

select Inventoried Category 

Then click on Start Inventory button.

adjust the inventory details

You can add item and adjust your inventory details, adjustments will be updated.

  • One Product Only

Here we can adjust inventory of one product only.

Create new inventory and select One product only.

Then select Inventory Product.

Create new inventory

Now,click on Start Inventory button then update your inventory.

  • Select Products Manually

If you want to select product manually,then you can choose Inventory Select Product Manually.

Option for Inventory Select Product Manually

  • A Pack

Here create the inventory of a particular pack of products.

create the inventory of a particular pack of products

Select a Inventoried Pack.You can create and edit new pack.

Validating Inventory:

After making adjustments, click on Validate Inventory button.

create and edit new inventory pack

Updated quantity will displayed on inventory adjustment tab.

Then You can see demand source location and destination location on Inventory Adjustments tab.

View of demand source location and destination location

Hope you understood the concept of Inventory Adjustment In Odoo very well. If you want to know more on the topic visit the below link.

Inventory Adjustment In Odoo 12

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