CatchWeight Management ERP for JEWELLERY Industry
By Anisha M Joseph,

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ERP Software for the Jewellery Industry

Even though the Gems & Jewellery is nice to see, this Industry is complex in nature. Businesses in this industry face many challenges, like cutting of gems / jewels, inventory management of high-cost items, working capital, and slow order processing due to critical operations,  gems, diamond or Jewels’ cutting, polishing, finishing, packaging, and delivery of finished products. Therefore, having an erp software in jewellery industry for managing various area’s such as production, designing, inventory, fleet, eCommerce, customer relationship, human resource, weight calculation, order and booking, accounting and finance, return and repair,etc.. will be very useful for the jewellery firms or gold manufactures. ERP will be the most suitable solution for Jewellery industries for managing the small as well as large business transactions of the industry. An ERP software provides solution for the small as well as large business and increase profit because of the better operational efficiency and feasibility.

CATCHW8 ERP For Jewellery Industry

Technaureus understands the snags in jewellery distribution business. Thus, we develop, implement and support ERP software with functionality specific to the jewellery industry. To clarify, our CATCHW8 ERP solution, is built with a wide-range of integrated tools to help simplify your complex supply chain and increase business productivity. That is to say, an erp software for Jewellery industry would be a great asset for Jewellery Shop Industries as it is a proven support in Manufacturing, Wholesaling, Retail and production sectors of the industry. It can easily maintain multi-company and multi branch operations.

CATCHW8 an erp suitable for jewellery business

Moreover,  in the case of waste management in jewellery business..ability to log pricing for based metals and track the amount of by-products and scrap from the manufacturing process. Thus, manufacturers will be able to achieve ‘Lean’ as the system will help optimise the processes in place to avoid waste at every level of the business including raw materials, human resources and time.

In addition, it is an all in one solution , available on anywhere anytime as a cloud erp software.

Following are the Gems & Jewellery services, or solutions offered by CATCHW8:

  • User friendly software.
  • Easy to use.
  • Handy and paperless management of consumers’ orders.
  • Useful for user to retrieve information easily.
  • It Gives Correct Output With Transaction Entries.
  • Ability to quick production of sales quotations.
  • Avoiding regeneration of same customer and product data
  • Better Inventory Management.
  • Effortless tracking of sales leads and sales-force.
  • Saves your Valuable Time.
  • Better billing processes and receipt formats for the client.
  • Easy conversion of a purchase requisition to purchase order with suppliers.
  • Better Strategical Management for tracking data.
  • Advanced visibility to ensure allocation of working capital, labor, etc.
  • Well Maintained Stock Transaction Data.
  • Designing Management
  • Improved Reporting
  • Better Operational Performance.
  • Provides Separate and Different Transaction modules for transactions as per Client’s Requirements.
  • Customized and Developed UI’s for the modules as per the Client’s Requirements. And much more!


-Unlimited users support with zero licence fees.
-Multi-company support.
-Multi currency support .
-Multi language support .
-OS independent support .
-Can deploy in cloud and on premise .
-Integrated with all operational modules.
-Good reporting for inventory .
-Interactive dashboard for better KPI.
-Integrated Calendars and Schedulers .
-Customizable for scalability .
-High level security .
-Modular concept for features.

Solution for your betterment



Technaureus, is radically transforming IT with technologies that makes your business more simple, agile, efficient and profitable. We provide the CATCHW8 Management solution in countries like India, America, Oman, Qatar, KuwaitUAE, Bahrain, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka, Australia , Abu dhabi , Dubai, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Spain, France etc.   Moreover, the Jewellery ERP Software is based on the strong analytical & technological functionality which is set together with its easy to use tools and experiences. In addition, it also includes all important features, functions, and reports which play a prime role in managing & tracking the complete Jewellery making process through the whole method from design, raw materials procurement, job distribution, eCommerce and POS till selling to the top customer. With years of experience in erp implementation led us to create a complete catch weight management solution for jewellery or gold business. In short, pioneer in Jewellery erp software, CATCHW8 erp will glitter you business as the jewels glitters.



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