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Foodlinxs ERP Implementation

Foodlinx's Success Story with Odoo and Catch Weight ERP

Company Name: FOODLINX
Business Vertical: Food Industry & Logistics
Country: United States
Odoo Version: 13 Enterprise


About Client

Foodlinx is an leading Food Industry Enterprises headquarted at Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274-9529, United States. Foodlinx are a top exporter with a California base that offers one of the broadest variety of products. With experienced professionals working at all levels and staying up to date on every element of the industry, we serve as an extension of your team. They provide solutions for services like logistics, consolidations,  reliable delivery & shop for their customer.


The most comprehensive selection of dry ingredients, groceries, and temperature-controlled food products is provided by Foodlinx, which also carries exclusive brands. Along with ensuring that all of their products are of a high standard, they also make sure that their rates are always reasonable. You can place orders with Foodlinx with confidence, knowing that you're getting the greatest deal available. Unlike other businesses, Foodlinx manage every aspect of the order and delivery process internally. Client logistics department handles every moving aspect, from purchasing goods to the port, from the ship to your door. At Foodlinx, they provide customers peace of mind in addition to the products they order. Foodlinx exports mostly to the Pacific region and has extensive knowledge of the South Pacific and Oceania.

Their goal is to open up the market to high-quality consumer items and complete this mission quickly and courteously, directly at your customer doorstep.

Technaureus Info Solutions(TIS) helped Foodlinx to integrate our Catch Weight Product to ease their businesses, productions stock managements.


Barriers that Foodlinx is facing


Foodlinx must handle dual units: its operations, production & product inventory. Therefore, we implemented Catch weight and Odoo ERP in order to commit to meeting their needs.


Implementation Plan & Methodology


Technaureus (TIS) aided Foodlinx integrate its numerous business operations into Catch Weight &Odoo 13 Enterprise editions, which optimised them. TIS will organise the various phases using an Agile methodology.


Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing & Catch Weight System.


We initially believed that Foodlinx would benefit from the implementation of a comprehensive web-based ERP with Catchweight since it would make managing their business operations and stock management more easier. Following implementation, it was a huge success, and using this Odoo ERP & Activated Catch Weight System has brought them a lot of advantages. Additionally, the technology increases industry production while lowering time & labour costs through automation and integration. We are genuinely thrilled to be able to use this Catchweight solution effectively for our client "Foodlinx". Every industry will often have its own unique justifications for implementing an ERP solution.


A Departure of Successful Results


1. Centrailised Odoo ERP & CW8 integrated system that coordinates the management of inventory, sales, purchases, production and accounting processes

2. Managing their product inventory in dual unit of measure

3. Through automation and integration, technology boosts industry production while reducing time and personnel costs.

4.  Performing every operations and productions of storable products by using two units of measurement.

5. Advanced & Automated Reporting features


The TIS Team has been responsible for keeping every implementation and customization process running smoothly, without faults throughout this journey and deliver the expected outcome what the client needs.

Foodlinx was able to effectively manage the operation and inventory of every aspect of their business as a result of the suitable development and implementation of TIS. With a couple of sound solutions, we had finally given Foodlinx the chance to reach its full potential.