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Oman Interlock

Oman Interlock: Paving the Way to Success with a Rock-Solid Partnership!

Company Name: Oman Interlocks
Business vertical: EURO Type interlock suppliers
Country : Oman
Odoo Version: 15 Community


About Company

Oman Interlocks is one of the largest suppliers of EURO Type interlocks in the Sultanate of Oman. Oman Interlocks offers a wide range of cement products such as interlocks , covering blocs , shades & canopy and different other cement products . They are having an extensive selection of interlocking patterns such as hexagons, rec rock, and trap stone etc.The company aims in providing professional design, modern workflow and real-time results.

Challenges faced by Oman interlocks before they met Technaureus

  1. Paper-based Workflows:
  • Oman Interlock relied on manual, paper-based processes for managing business functions.
  • Sales, purchase, inventory management, and accounting were handled using traditional methods.
  • The lack of a centralized system led to data duplication and inefficiencies in workflow.
  1. Inefficient Workflows:
    • Paper-based processes resulted in time-consuming and error-prone workflows.
    • Difficulty in tracking and managing sales, purchase orders, and inventory accurately.
    • Lack of real-time visibility into business operations hampered decision-making.
  2. Data Duplication:
    • With paper-based systems, duplicating data across different documents was common.
    • This led to inconsistencies, and data discrepancies, and increased the chances of errors.
  3. Limited Information Access:
    • The lack of a centralized system made it challenging to access up-to-date information quickly.
    • Obtaining accurate and real-time data for reporting and analysis was challenging.

Technaureus Support & Implementation Methodology


Oman Interlock partnered with Technaureus Information Solutions (TIS), to assist them in adopting the Odoo ERP system. With TIS's expertise and guidance, Oman Interlock successfully streamlined and integrated their business functions using Odoo.

Odoo ERP provided a comprehensive set of modules that were crucial for Oman Interlock's operations. The modules for sales, purchase, inventory management, and accounting played a vital role in bringing all departments together within a unified system. This integration eliminated data silos and enabled seamless information flow across the organization.

The streamlined processes offered by Odoo allowed Oman Interlock to optimize their operations, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. The integrated system eliminated the need for manual data entry and data duplication, minimizing the chances of errors and ensuring data consistency across different departments. The availability of accurate and real-time information empowered management to make data-driven decisions, contributing to the company's growth and success.

Overall, with the assistance of TIS and the implementation of Odoo ERP, Oman Interlock achieved streamlined processes, automated workflows, and improved communication and collaboration. The adoption of Odoo transformed their operations, allowing them to focus on core business activities, improve productivity, and deliver better results to their customers.