• Benefits of CRM for your Business

    beniits Of CRM for your business

    23rd April 2019 | By Anisha M

    Customer Relationship Management  First of all, without customers a business will not grow. So they are the back bone of a business structure. In fact, no matter what type of industry u r leading, no matter what your focus, no matter what kind of products or services you offer, your customers are the prime and inevitable…

  • Odoo POS Implementation

    Technaureus Odoo POS Implementation

    21st April 2019 | By Muhamed Yasir

    Point of Sale or Point of purchase is a place where retail transaction is carried. This is commonly shows in retail sectors such as grocery stores, supermarket, hypermarkets, department stores, FMCG stores, meat outlet, fruit store etc. The solution is combination of hardware and software. The integrated solution makes the point of sale more meaningful.…

  • Tips For Increasing Audience Engagement

    Tips For Increasing Audience Engagement

    19th April 2019 | By Kavia

    Have you ever wonder why audience engagement is important in digital marketing. By engaging audience we turn a visitors into customers. Audience engagement is how people are being involved with your content. It is a best way for marketing any business. Engaging audience is a key to bring them back to you. By engaging user…

  • How to auto start the odoo server when down

    How to auto start the odoo server when down

    17th April 2019 | By Sarin

    When Odoo server will down we have to manually restart the Odoo service. Instead of this auto start Odoo server, when down by using Monit service. It is a helpful program that automatically monitors and manages server programs. Additionally monit comes with a basic web interface through which all of the processes can be set…

  • How to Choose the Right Odoo Implementation Partner

    How to Choose the Right Odoo Implementation Partner

    15th April 2019 | By Anisha M

    It is very important that to choose a best erp implementation partner for your business success. It’s easy to be mistaken when adding a new technology to your business so it’s crucial to get this decision correct.  ERP plays a significant role in allocating and necessitating the exact information for managing CRM, HRMS, Production Management, Fleet Management, Sales Management,…

  • What Is Odoo?

    Detailed explanation of odoo concept

    13th April 2019 | By Muhammed Ali

     Odoo is a popular and widely used open source ERP software that helps in managing businesses and organisations. Odoo is the acronym of On Demand Open Object. It is  also known as open ERP software that provides an integrated ERP solution. Over view Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) includes many activities Such as, helps the employees to…



    11th April 2019 | By Muhammed Ali

    In Odoo, we can analyse sales details easily in Point Of Sale(POS) application. To get started with POS sale analysis, go to Point Of Sale application and select Orders under the Reporting menu.     Then click on the Pivot view   Now you can see the total product quantity and total price of your…

  • Integrate Leaves In Odoo Timesheet

    Integrate Leaves In Odoo Timesheet banner image

    8th April 2019 | By Muhammed Nabeel

    It is possible to integrate leaves in Odoo Timesheet very easily. There exist a module in Odoo itself to do this function. That is Timesheet When On Leave. It is a bridge module to integrate leaves in time sheets.   After installing this module go to Leaves and request for a leave:   After getting…

  • Odoo POS Customer Display / Pole Display Integration

    A service in Odoo pos soultions, Odoo pos customer display integration

    6th April 2019 | By Muhamed Yasir

    As we know Point of Sale is common in retail sectors as their selling point. This widely seen in supermarket, department stores, hypermarkets, grocery, fruit shop, meat shop, FMCG etc. Being a customer, want to see all the information such as product name, pricing etc. during his/her purchase. Customer display / Pole display helps to…

  • E-commerce Platforms

    E-commerce Solutions

    5th April 2019 | By Anisha M

    Initially let’s simplify the eCommerce as an online store. An eCommerce platform helps the developers to build user-friendly and reliable online shopping websites and apps with a payment system, order tracking, status updates via mail and SMS etc. The easiest and fast approach to create your own online store is to find a progressed eCommerce solution.…