• ERP For Bakery

    Bakery ERP

    11th November 2019 | By Sachana Chandran

    Odoo ERP For Bakery Industry An Odoo ERP for bakery industry will help the company in forecasting their customer demand in advance. It is based on their sales history, POS data and also seasonal promotions. An ERP software enables the sales force to focus on revenue generating activities. It includes selling in high traffic stores…

  • To Set Custom Header And Footer For Odoo POS Receipt

    To setup custom header and footer in Odoo POS receipt

    10th November 2019 | By Ijas

    How to set custom Header and Footer for Odoo POS Receipt In odoo Point Of Sale receipt we can add customized header and footer as our own wish.By customizing our POS Receipt header we can make our receipt tell greetings, welcome message, POS name and address as to our customer.And we can also make our…

  • Odoo POS Price List

    Odoo POS price list

    9th November 2019 | By ajay krishna

    PRICE LIST IN ODOO POINT OF SALE Price List, often called Catalog Price, is the full price that an item is advertised at without taking into account any discounts or special offers. In other words, this is the amount of money the business is willing to sell their products for. Price lists are very useful…

  • Integrating Collaborative Pads With Odoo Notes


    8th November 2019 | By Sahdiya Mammootty

    How to Integrate Collaborative Pads with Odoo Notes? Odoo Notes  Odoo Notes’ smart kanban view allows every user to customize their own steps in order to process their to-do lists and notes. Choose the default template or create your own steps/stages of the process. This blogs explains how to integrate collaborative pads with odoo notes.…

  • POS In Odoo 13

    6th November 2019 | By Muhammed Nabeel

    ­Odoo 12 Vs Odoo 13 POS Odoo 13 accompanies some additional highlights in the Point of Sale (POS) area than Odoo 12. Lets see the differences : In Odoo 12 we can login to POS Interface as user and manage multiple cashier without doing any configuration part.     But in Odoo 13 we can…

  • Odoo 12 Vs Odoo 13 Accounting


    5th November 2019 | By Arunima P

    Accounting In Odoo 12 & Odoo 13 Accurate and efficient accounting is a necessary process for smother and dynamic business management. Module Accounting of Odoo automates financial and accounting activities. Accounting information can be integrated and presented visually in other modules of the Odoo ERP. Odoo 13 comes with a lot of changes in Invoicing…

  • Best Branding Partner

    Best branding partner in India

    4th November 2019 | By Varsha Suresh

    Who can be a best Branding Partner ? Branding is the art of shaping your business through brand. Branding is what a business requires to grab more customers to the firm. It is branding that makes out temporary customers your permanent customers. Branding gives an impact to your business which can take it to an…

  • E-Learning In Odoo 13


    3rd November 2019 | By Ijas

    ODOO 13 e-LEARNING Odoo E-Learning is a new module introduced in Odoo 13 version. The main vision of Odoo by this module is that which enables the user to manage and publish an E-Learning platform. Odoo E-learning module is use to create courses, configure quizzes and earn badges while attending courses. This is helpful for…

  • How to begin business with SEO ?

    Best SEO Company

    2nd November 2019 | By Varsha Suresh

    How to Get Started with SEO for Your New Business? In today’s marketing world, one of the key goal to success for any business is by means of digital marketing. Even though there are many digital marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the one which can aid in business development to the maximum. Search…

  • Sales Coupon And Promotion In Odoo 13


    1st November 2019 | By Ijas

    Odoo 13 Sales Coupon and Promotion Program Sales Coupon and Promotion is add on to the Odoo 13 Community edition. In the previous versions sales coupon and sales promotion was the feature in the enterprise edition. By this we can integrate coupon mechanism in sale orders. There are two sub modules for Odoo 13 sales…