• Repair Management In ODOO


    15th September 2019 | By Neenu Robin

    Repair Management Repair Management Module in Odoo allows you to manage your products after sale services, removal and replacement of parts in products. Using this module we can prepare quotations for repairs/services. Based on the warranty period invoices can be generate. This module enables us to track the status of repairs. Inventory movements will be…

  • Document Management System

    Document Management System

    14th September 2019 | By Sarin Raj

    Document Management System Of SMEs Typically, companies of any industry handle greater amount of documents. A document management system which used to track, manage and store all these document as a digital document which reduce paper. Document management application are designed to improve your business handling of electronic files, Digitalization has leads to an exponential…

  • Catch Weight Management ERP for Chemical Industry

    ERP for Chemical Industry

    13th September 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    ERP Software for the Chemical Industry Chemical companies have to work with many strict environments today such as in environmental engineering, employee safety measures, waste disposal management, fire hazards and industrial safety standards.. However, there are many companies which handle various chemical operations in their industrial area’s. Chemical manufacturing organizations have to go through most complicated and…

  • Content Marketing

    Content marketing

    12th September 2019 | By Varsha Suresh

      Content marketing is a strategic approach of creating and delivering valuable contents which attracts the audience. As the name implies, the marketing completely relies on the content dealt with. Here, everything depends on the content you are giving. So it is the core part that attracts audience towards us. As the proverb says ‘First…

  • Resellers/Partners In Odoo Website


    11th September 2019 | By Sahdiya Mammootty

    Odoo Website Partners/Resellers Resellers is another module in odoo open source ERP. In Odoo you have a great opportunity to set up resellers and forward some leads/tasks to them. Resellers will be also list in the Resellers Tab on your website. Odoo is implemented by people who work for companies. People are model as partners,…

  • Benefits Of Web Based POS


    10th September 2019 | By Neenu Robin

     POS Software Any business selling person will have a ‘point of sale’, commonly abbreviated ‘POS’. POS is not a standalone machine or process. That is, it is constellation of things that together enable you to process customer-facing transactions efficiently. And also to streamline business processes connected with your sales. Earlier POS machine was available as…

  • Live Chat In Odoo

    live chat new

    9th September 2019 | By Adhith

    Odoo Live Chat Live chat offers personalized customer experience, better brand interaction, a competitive edge, and a way to feel your customers pulse. Implementing live chat solution for your business is beneficial for all customer journeys and also across your marketing, sales, and customer support teams. Odoo Live Chat tool lets you chat with your…

  • Odoo Community Vs Enterprise

    7th September 2019 | By Anisha M Joseph

    Comparing Odoo Editions!! ERP is a multi-layer system. In the same vein, Odoo is a fully-functional ERP system with plethora of awesome features. Odoo offered in two editions, a free open-source edition called, “Community” and a licensed edition called, “Enterprise”. Historically, the erp only had one version that was open-source (Community). But, in 2015 when v9 released, Odoo introduced Enterprise…

  • Wishlist In Odoo Ecommerce


    5th September 2019 | By Ijas

    Odoo eCommerce Wishlist What Is a Wishlist ? A wishlist is an eCommerce feature that allows shoppers to create personalized collections of products they want to buy and save them in their user account for future reference. Wishlists signify a customer’s interest in a product without an immediate intent to purchase. An odoo website allows…

  • Odoo Website Link Tracker

    website-link-tracker in odoo-

    4th September 2019 | By Neenu Robin

    Website Link Tracker In Odoo Now a days Digital marketing and promotions are the best and easiest way to make your products reach to the public. So many companies invest a good amount in digital marketing for boosting their sales. Odoo-Link Tracker helps us to know which marketing sources are profitable and which one aren’t.…