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Work Center in Odoo 13 Manufacturing

Work Center in Odoo 13

Anjali AjithMay 27, 2020

Work center is an organization unit where manufacturing activities can be perform. A product as a whole may or may not be complete from a single work center. Manufacturing activity or Operations are carried out at different Work Centers depending up on the type of work that is carried out in each work place. In this blog we will discuss in detail on Work center in Odoo 13 Manufacturing.

For this purpose you might need to install the manufacturing module. Go to Configuration --> Settings -->Work orders.

Enable the Work orders to manage the work centers.

Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing

Up on enabling an over view window of work center look like this.

Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing

One can directly go to the work centers from this window or can follow

Master data →Work centers →create, to create a work center.

Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing

Fill all the fields will suitable information's. On the top you will be able to see some smart buttons ,Which will help to have simplified views based on that category .

Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing

  • Alternative work centers : It can be substitute to this one, in order to dispatch the production.
  • Time Efficiency : Suppose an operation / work can be done in one hour, then its time efficiency is 100 %. 50% indicates that the work Is done in 2 hours.
  • Capacity : No of work pieces that can be produce parallel.
  • OEE Target : Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Target in percentage.
  • The time before prod : Time in minutes for the basic setup before start of a production.
  • Time after prod : Time in minutes for the cleaning after the production.
  • Description : Give the detail description of the Work centers.

These are the newly form work centers.

Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing

Once manufacturing order is given, it will processes and shows the status of the order here.
You can give colour to the work centers, adjust the settings etc by clicking on the dots on the top right corner.

colour settings in Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing

Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing


After creating the work center next step is to create new routing.
Go to Master Data → Routing
Click on Add a line to give necessary work center operations.

 routing in Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing

  • Give the operation a suitable name.
  • You can choose between different work centers in routing a product.
  • Able to set the duration computation to either based on real time or set duration manually. Also can adjust default duration.
  • You can decide when you want to start next operation between step by step completion or partial completion of processing of the products.
  • Save the changes made.

routing operations in Workcenter in Odoo13 Manufacturing

If you have to upload any file regarding the operations, you can do so by clicking on upload file in the worksheet tab.

upload file

See I have created another operation with a different work center.

routing operations

The order of the works to be done is important here. The works progress in this order.


So now we are going to apply this routing to build a material.

  • Go to Maser Data → Bills of Materials
  • Select a material → Edit
  • Change the routing to table ,that we have just created .
  • You can also change between BoM type
  • Then hit Save


Manufacturing Order

Now we are going to create a manufacturing order

  • Go to Operations → Manufacturing Order.
  • Click on Create to newly create an order
  • Select the product ,quantity and BoM.
  • Hit save.
  • You can check availability of the product now.

 Manufacturing order

  • On click of Plan work orders will be visible on the top right corner of the manufacturing order.

 Manufacturing order

  • Click on the Work orders to see the status of the orders.

Manufacturing order

Our first order is ready as you see the highlighted line. So to process that click on the order. You will be able to see the buttons like these shown below.

  • You can click done if your product is complete.
  • Or you pause the production and continue it later.
  • Even you can mark block on the production if there is loss due to any failures.
  • Scrap indicate the product moves from current warehouse to any other.

Manufacturing order

When a work is complete the dash board of the workplace will appear like this.

 work center dash board

Now is if start the work in second work place, it will show In progress instead of To launch.

When both of the works are done, you can mark them as Mark as done to indicate finished works

You can view the productivity analysis in OEE here. These are two views of finished works.

work center dash board

work center dash board

Hope, this blog help in understanding about Work center in Odoo13 Manufacturing.


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