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What is Odoo?


Muhammed AliApril 13, 2019

Odoo ERP

Odoo is a popular and widely used open source ERP software that helps in managing businesses and organizations. It is the acronym of On Demand Open Object. It is also known as Open ERP software that provides an integrated ERP solution. Odoo is one of the widely used open-source ERP solutions in the market.

Odoo or Open ERP Overview

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) includes many activities such as, helps the employees to do their jobs more efficiently and also helps the entrepreneurs to run the organization in best way. Open ERP is a open source software system whose source code is publicly available. Therefore everyone can use and customize according to their own needs and requirement. In other words, Odoo is a large collection of business-related applications provides many built-in modules. It includes CRM, Sales management, Accounting, HR management, Inventory management, Project etc. with default features. As well as Open ERP Odoo uses python, JavaScript, XML languages and also PostgreSQL database. The Community edition repository is on GitHub. In short, it is a easy and lightweight software that offers a fully integrated set of apps and takes care of everything from front to back end.


Odoo was founded by Fabien Pinckaers who is the current CEO of Odoo in 2005. First release version of Odoo is known as tiny ERP. Further, three years later, that is in 2009 the name was changed to Open ERP. In 2014, Open ERP was renamed as Odoo. Odoo An odoo implementation company in Canadais a leading business application software editor. It includes 30 main applications supported by the editor and more than 3000 applications for various business areas. Odoo also have more than 14000 third party apps available in its app store. Each of them is custom built for different needs of users. Finally, it is clear that Odoo is a beautiful ERP software.


Advantages Of Odoo ERP

Firstly, the main reason for Odoo to become more popular is its user friendliness and Open Source. Odoo is one of the best ERP software in the market. As a result, anybody can do it with the help of an Odoo developer, because it is very flexible. Although Odoo has standard themes, user can also create themes with his own ideas. It is an up to date technology which gets frequent upgrades according to the latest technology. Developers can access the code and modify it to make changes in the modules based on an organization’s requirements. As an open-source solution, Odoo and its features/modules can be modified at code level to meet the specific demands of a user.

Odoo is a popular and widely used open source ERP software that helps in managing businesses and organisations.

As Odoo has many industry specific modules, user can implement applications for industries with low cost and time. That is to say, a user don’t need to install the entire Odoo. User can install selective application modules as per the business needs. Thus, Odoo can be easily integrated with any other third party service providers. About 3+ million people are growing their business by using Odoo. Furthermore Odoo is also used by MNC's like Toyota and Hyundai.

To sum up,

the advantages of Odoo, different editions of Odoo are Odoo community and Odoo enterprise. To clarify, Odoo community is great for developers and it is an open source. Odoo enterprise is the licensed full version of Odoo. The versions 1.0,2.0,3.0 and 4.0 are the old versions of odoo which is known as tiny ERP, then the versions 5.0,6.0,6.1 and 7.0 are the Open ERP versions.Version 6.0 is the first web client. After that, From version 8.0 it renamed to Odoo. The latest version of Odoo is version 12.0. Likewise the next version 13.0 will be announce in October 2019.

Revolution of Odoo ERP

Program Name Version Release Date Significant Changes
TinyERP 1.0 February,2005 First release
2.0 May,2005  
3.0 September,2005  
4.0 December,2006  
Open ERP 5.0 April,2009  
6.0 January,2011 First Web Client
6.1 February,2012 First Ajax Web Client
7.0 December,2012 Improved web client and usability
Odoo 8.0 September,2014 Revamped inventory and WMS,support for CMS,Website builder,e-commerce,Point of sale and business intelligence
9.0 October,2015 Revamped accounting features,Odoo community split from Odoo Enterprise
10.0 October,2016 Revamped manufacturing features
11.0 October,2017 Revamped services support, Revamped reporting, moved to python 3
12.0 October,2018 Document management, IoT- devices, multi website

In short, Odoo is an all in one business solution and it's features and modules makes it really awesome.


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