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What are ODOO 15 Expected Features?

odoo 15

Abhishek M.SMay 12, 2021

Odoo is an open-source ERP offering both free and paid versions with a remarkable integrated system at a very fair price. Its features and functionality can help companies ease their processes, cut costs and grow business. It offers a strong product with low cost and lots of easy-to-use modules. Odoo is an open-source software solution which gives the easiest and fastest solution to all business-related queries and requirements, and the arrival of Odoo 14 have given a boost to all business sectors which are depending on the ERP software solutions for improving their businesses.It has a stable architecture with fast and constant improvements. The main advantage is that Odoo is highly customizable and more CRM -centric. It is hailed as not just an ERP but a business solution with well-integrated modules. It could be fit in any business mode since the customization is easy and open source. It also provides integrated Bi and web-based responsive applications. 

Odoo is equipped with the latest odoo version 14.0. It has an edge over other ERPs due to the yearly updating based on user reviews on continuous improvements. The all-new version of odoo 15 is most likely to be launched this October. It will be soft-launched during the virtual meetup. It promises to be an all in all business solution with the latest web-based integration. Its superior architecture is also to be refined and integrated into the new version. 

The odoo 15 is to be promising since it is feature-loaded and up to date. A look into the feature that is expected,

 ODOO 15 Expected Features

Odoo 15 is coming up with an HTML editor that will serve as an important update on this platform. It will excite the developing community and will attract a lot to odoo.

The odoo will enhance the experiences of the users by adding a new Import screen. The revamped import screen will be with much more enhancement.

It is also said to be implemented with Point-of-sale coupons and promotions. We could apply the saved coupons at the point of sale and it will reflect in the invoice of the product.

Odoo 15 offers the users to customize the pivot and graph view using the odoo studio. It will also support real-time collaboration with the spreadsheet.

New command & command editor will also be added to the all-new odoo 15. It is also promising to handle invoices in accounting configuration.

We at the Technaureus would be able to produce the best of this new update for your project development with odoo. The latest odoo 15 features will be infused into your business module smoothly by our expert team implementation. Contact Technaureus to know more.

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