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Website Form Builder in Odoo 13

Website Form Builder

ajay krishnaJune 19, 2020

Website Form Builder in Odoo 13

In Odoo 13, Odoo website form builder is moved to community edition from enterprise, and this will allow you to create different website forms which can be used to input the organizational information as contact forms and to collect customer information. Here let us have a deep look into Odoo13 Website Form Builder           

How To Create A New Form On Website In Odoo 13


website form


Edit-> to add form.

website form

In the window, there is different blocks.In that drag and drop the Form snippet into the page.

website form parameters

A new window will show on the screen.Select the Action

Create a Customer
Create an Opportunity
Send an Email

Select the Thank You Page then Save->

Therefore, you will get the form on the screen which contains the following fields,

Company Name
If we want to add a new field like to upload something,

Select the form then a menu will appear on the left side(Form Builder).

Add a custom field->File Upload->

Therefore, the field will present on the form.

There is many options contains in the Form builder.

Select Save->

Now the web page contains the created form.Add the details and click Send-> then it go to the new page,

It contain the Thanks message.

Website form builder use to get customer information by easy way. The customer information can be get the information in contact form. This is a form of getting leads to the business. With Odoo 13 implementation added  this feature to work effectively and efficiently. The proper way to build a strong leads through this. The Lead generating facts to increase the business is a strategy that could be adopted by this form. As a Best Odoo Erp Service Provider we gets the leads by this process and introduced it to our clients also.Clients are essential for the growth of the business. The clients are eager to get a lead so they can reach the customer and interact with them about the business. This could reach the business quickly.In conclusion, we hope you understood odoo 13 website form builder.


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