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Warranty Management In Odoo

Warranty Management In Odoo

Muhammed AliJuly 8, 2019

 Odoo Warranty Management

Odoo sales Warranty Management Module, as the name suggests, lets you provide and manage product warranty in Odoo. The Odoo user can now set-up warranty details at the product level. The details such as warranty period, cost of renewal, renewal period, etc. can be configured in Odoo. Sales Warranty is an Odoo app from Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt.Ltd. which helps to create warranty details for products which have a warranty. A warranty record keeps the information such as name, purchase date, warranty period, warranty end date.

Product warranty in odooo

Warranty records are created manually by clicking the add warranty icon in the sale order line.

odoo_quotation sales


This pop-up will helps to add warranty details.


warranty creation in odoo


After clicking "Add Warranty" button, you can see a new button named warranty with the number of warranty records in that sale order.

warrenty menu in sales order

Once you created a warranty for a product, then you can't create more than one warranty for that product which is in "In warranty" state.

validation of warranty

Created warranty records will be in "In Warranty" stage. Thus, the system checks the warranty end date in the warranty form and changes the status of the record automatically as it approaches the expiry date.


The "Force Expire" button helps to change the state from "In Warranty" to "Expired"

force expire warranty in odoo



Warranty Expired odoo


You can easily capture the warranty end date of the products by scheduling an activity.

odoo scheduling warranty

Moreover, you can add a warranty period for a product by enabling the Warranty Eligible field in the product template.

warranty enabling in product menu



You can also create warranty record by clicking "Warranty" under the Orders menu.


warranty records


In the kanban view, the state of the warranty records will display in different colours.

kanban view warranty


By clicking "Warranty Details" you will get an analysis report of warranty records.

warranty analysis

In this analysis report, you can filter records by the status of the warranty. And you can download an xls file of the report by clicking the download button.

Warranty analysis report filters


warranty pdf and excel reports

Also you will get a PDF report of a product's warranty details.

Warranty slip report odoo


Sales Warranty in odoo

Hope you understood the Odoo Warranty Management very well now.


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