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To Set Custom Header And Footer For Odoo 11 POS Receipt


IjasNov. 10, 2019

In Odoo Point Of Sale receipt we can add customized header and footer as our own wish. By customizing our POS Receipt header we can make our receipt tell greetings, welcome message, POS name and address as to our customer. And we can also make our receipt tell thank you, POS taglines, POS contact details to our customer by customizing the footer of the receipt. In this blog we will discuss in detail on how to set custom header and footer for Odoo 11 POS receipt.

So let us see how to set it,

  • Firstly you must install Point Of Sail module from apps.
  • Point of sale -> Configuration -> Point of sale -> click create button

Here we can create a new POS, just give it a name and scroll down a little . Under the Bills & Receipt section there will be an option named as Header & footer tick that check box.

POS bills and receipt check box in Odoo

Set your header and footer here,

pos setting header and footer in Odoo

Let us check how it works.

Go to Dashboard and select the POS you have been created.

POS selecting product

Select any item and click on the payment button.

After selecting the customer and entering the amount correctly , click on the validate button on the top.

POS validate

Then we will get the preview of the POS receipt ,we can also see that the header and footer appeared on the receipt as we given.

POS receipt in Odoo


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