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Time off in Odoo 13

Time off in Odoo 13

ajay krishnaDec. 22, 2019

Leave is an important factor to an employee and thus the leave management is an essential and inevitable factor in any organization. In Odoo 13 leave management is called Time off,this module is intuitive and helps the HR people to handle their work in a much easier format.

The basic concept of Time off is as follows- each employee can create their own leave request which shall be approved or rejected by the manager or concerned representative. Here, the employee can select the different leave types which are already created in the system or the manager can create leaves to a particular employee upon his request.

 Installation Of Odoo 13 Time Off

Leave management turns to Time off. So there are some changes

Menu->Apps->Time off->

time off new features in odoo


After installation go to,

Menu->Time off->

installation process of time off in odoo 13

Here we can see the My Time off Dashboard.

Then, Select My Time off->Time of requests-> To see our requests.

request to made the time off open


Click Create-> to create a new time off request.

make a request to open time off

Select the time off type,

  •  Paid Time off

  • Compensatory Days

  • Sick Time off

  • Unpaid

An odoo implementation company in Africa

Enter the dates and give a description then click Save->

Click Approve-> to approve the time off or reject it by clicking Refuse->

After that go to Time off Requests-> to see the status.

request makes an open way to odoo 13 Time Off

Here we can see the request has got approval.

Manager can allocate Time off to any employee.

Managers->Time off->

after approval Of odoo 13 Time Off

Select Create-> to allocate Time off

time off allocation odoo 13 Time Off

Select the employee and also type of time off by clicking the Down arrow.

Then, click on the date and give description and comment.

In this window we can see the employee’s time off status in present year at right side.

Click Save-> and Approve-> the time off.

after appeoval of odoo 13 Time Off


when approval has received then validation process starts

Then we can see changes in leave status of that employee.

Time off type creation

 Configuration->Time off types->

the type of creation is shown there

In this window we can see some time off types that has created.

Click Create-> to create a new type.

creation time has been shown

Enter details of the Time off type then Save-> it and

go to the previous window Time off Types->

time has been displayed on the top of the dashboard

We can see the created Time off Type (Late).

Time off in Odoo 13 is a conversion of Leave Management by time sheet. So that the Time Off will be with the proper arrangement and meeting the requirements in time. Hence, Our system acquire the same procedure of Odoo 13 of Time Off.


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