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The Qualities of an Odoo Consultant

important Qualities of an Odoo Consultant

Anisha M JosephMay 12, 2019

Importance Of an Odoo Support Team & The Qualities of an Odoo Consultant

Being the part of this competitive world, proper maintenance and support is mandatory for a company. It is a must need to manage the total business work flow in an effective manner. Similarly, behind the proper working of an erp software there should be definitely a best ERP consultant. There are many instances for the erp projects failure due to the wrong choice of erp consultants. Odoo is an all in one business solution. So, proper Odoo implementation is very essential for the success of an Odoo erp project. In this blog you will understand the importance Of an Odoo Support Team. Moreover, the qualities required for an Odoo Consultant in detail.


Importance Of an Odoo Support Team

A successful organization can gather and also provide information across all functions and locations within the organization by an erp system. Moreover, only a person who is very much knowledgeable about the whole workflow of an erp is said to be a perfect functional consultant and also he should have experience in preparing proper business processes as per the industry standard.

Odoo functional consultant acts as a cornerstone to a technical python team as they transform the technical code into functional areas which can be used by a ordinary man. In addition an efficient Odoo consultant can analyze and map your software requirements. They can develop highly functional, standard modifications and strategy changes moreover, they provide solution by evaluating the difficulties and deformities. As a result, while choosing an ERP consultant, make sure the consultants are highly experienced, planning and implementing the successful ERP projects and the feedback's of the clients are good. Odoo consultants helps business organization in obtaining knowledge in the pros and cons of specific business departments.

Odoo Consultant can :

  1. Focused Quality Server maintenance.
  2. Rough cost estimates
  3. Providing instant support through website.
  4. Providing Administration Support.
  5. Provides Database Administration.
  6. Help desk portal support for customers.
  7. Ease of understanding the ROI after the implementation
  8. Providing functional support.
  9. Shows expertise in Providing Technical support.
  10. Identification of various departments and users etc.

Qualities of an Odoo Consultant

  • He should have the long term view in advance:. An Odoo consultant should think about the future of the business workflow based on the erp implemented to their clients. And based on the possible upcoming issues he should consult the clients by exactly perceiving the implemented software or future software which is going to be implement.
  • Excellent communication is an essential thing:. A perfect consultant of Odoo will listen to your every need precisely and then find the most suitable solution for it. For that, he should definitely have to communicate with the customers without any lag or loss of information.
  • Enough of technical expertise :. The consultant should have the depth knowledge about the technical and also functional side of erp system. Without the proper knowledge about the Odoo erp platform, he can't explain or advice their clients about the software.
  • He should better serve the customer base:. An experienced consultant is the one who has enough industrial expertise top better comprehend the customer base and devise the ERP solution based on their needs. While a perfect ERP solution always equipped with a CRM module, it is significant for your consultant to understand your customer base and perceive their interests and initiate right features in the module.

  • Strong knowledge about Odoo:. The Functional consultants should be knowledgeable about the business process, requirements and do the configuration part with the Odoo system, and the technical consultants should have the skill for doing the programming part of the job.
  • Analyzing Skill:. It is an important thing to be noted that, the consultant should able to analyze the requirements of their customers. Moreover they should have the capacity to find the issues of the current software.


To sum up, now you don't worry to implement an an Odoo erp system and just forget about the worrying of current erp system. Because, we are here to support you as an Odoo Support Partner. Technaureus acts as one of the best and trusted Odoo partner, constantly serving the best customization and implementation in Odoo ERP. Odoo consultancy from Technaureus provides you with- Best Odoo Specialists. If you need expert advice in making technological choices in ODOO or external Odoo ERP Implementation Consultants to define your organizational specifications, we are here to assist you. Kindly contact our support team.


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