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The New Features in Odoo 16 Website and E-commerce

Odoo 16

Akshaya ThyagarajanOct. 28, 2022

Odoo 16's website and e-commerce modules have added a bunch of new features. You can build your own theme with these features because they are very helpful and simple to use.

Below is a list of the latest features.

  • Access the website in one click

  • Cookie consent bar

  • New device shapes

  • Grid layout

  • Animation on scroll

  • Hover animation

  • New menus

  • New styling options

  • Mobile editor

  • Product filters

  • Product rental

  • Bulk uploads

  • Product image layout

  • Alternative products

  • Customize from the frontend

  • Back-in-stock notification

  • Click and collect ON-SITE payment

  • Products availability

  • Add to cart button

Access the website in one click

In Odoo 16 you can install the website module or E-commerce module that automatically redirects to the website home page in one click.



Cookie consent bar

In Odoo website provides a Cookie consent bar. They help that website remember information about your visit.


settings->website->enable "Cookies Bar"


New device shapes

In Odoo, already have a set of shapes collections on the website. Now Odoo 16 introduced new device shapes. That helps to create mobile mockups and tab mockups easily.

Grid layout

Odoo 16 introduced a new feature "Grid Layout". This helps to drag and drop content, images, etc. to a particular grid layout.

Animation on scroll

Odoo 16 newly introduced a new feature for animation "On Scroll". This animation makes it more attractive and unique for our page. And the animation has so many effects like fade, slide, bounce, etc.


Hover animation

Odoo 16 established a new feature for "Hover Animation". This makes your page design more special. If you can use this animation in your web pages that makes them more beautiful.

New Menu

The older version of the Odoo website menus is placed in the backend but in Odoo 16 the menus are placed in the website's top menu. In this menu options directly redirect to the actual backend form or view. 

New Styling Options

Odoo 16 launched new styling options for styling web page sections that make your page more creative and beautiful.

Mobile editor

The older versions of Odoo can't support the mobile editor. But Odoo 16 introduced a new option for style editing in mobile view. This is very helpful and also supports creating user-friendly websites.


Product filters

The Odoo 16 launched a new feature for "Products Filters". That helps to find the products easily in that category. This is a very useful feature and very user-friendly.

Product rental

The Odoo 16 introduced a new feature for ordering rental products directly from the E-commerce website. That helps search for rental products that are available for a specific time. 

'Note: This is only supported for Odoo enterprise'


website->products->enable "Can be Rented"

Bulk uploads

The other versions of Odoo did not support bulk uploads but now the Odoo 16 added a new option for that. This is very helpful to add images fastly.

Product image layout

The Odoo 16 has a new option for adding one or more images at one time to the product page using the editor and also you can change the layout of that (carousel or grid). This is very helpful to manage also this feature is very user-friendly.

Alternative products

Odoo 16 has an option for changing the template design of "Alternative Products" using the editor.

Customize from the frontend

If you can use the Odoo 16 website and e-commerce module you can create your own website using the editor option. You can customize all snippets from the front end also you can change the default page style using the editor option.

Back-in-stock notification

If you can use the e-commerce module in Odoo 16 you can know when the product is back in stock. If you signup or not you can know that information.

'Note: This option only supports storable products'




Click and collect ON-SITE payment

Odoo 16 has a new feature for customers to pay in person at your stores. This is very useful.

Products availability

Odoo 16 launched a new feature for "Product availability". This feature is used to know how many products are available.


Add to cart button

Odoo 16 added a new button for "Add to cart" in inner content of editor.


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