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Synchronize Google Calendar With Odoo


Muhammed NabeelFeb. 21, 2019

It is possible to Synchronize Google Calendar With Odoo. Odoo is perfectly integrated with Google Calendar so that you can see & manage your meetings from both platforms . For that first, install the Google Calendar app from Apps:

Install Google Calendar app

Then go to Settings>General Settings>Integrations: and check the google calendar

check the google calendar

Then Enter the Client id and Client secret. To get the client id and secret go to Google API Platform through

Then select and enable the Google Calendar API:

Google Calendar API

Then generate Google Calendar API credentials by clicking on the create credentials button:

Google Calendar API credentials

Select Google Calendar API then Web browser (Javascript) as calling source and User data as a type of data:

Add credential

Then enter the correct URL to redirect:

Enter URL for Synchronize Google Calendar With Odoo

After that, you will get a client id and secret:

client id and secret

After saving the settings go to Calendar module and click the button Sync With Google:

Calendar module connection


First, we get a message like this and then directed to the google calendar:

Redirected to google calendar

Through the above-mentioned ways, it is possible to effectively Synchronize Google Calendar with Odoo.


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