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Steps for Successful Odoo Implementation

Steps for Successful Odoo Implementation

Anisha M JosephJuly 28, 2019

Odoo Implementation Stages

The steps for odoo implementation service

A right implementation of Odoo not only save time, resource, money but also results in a great output that leads to high customer satisfaction and growth of the company as well. With Odoo implementation, potential outcomes are vast for each type of businesses. And if you are tensed about your current system that is consuming more money because of heavy license, lousy support, and complex highlights, then an open source ODOO ERP software can tackle all of these problems. In the following blog , an Odoo Service provider explain you the steps for odoo implementation.

Even though odoo implementation is a crucial process, it contain multiple sub steps for the efficient implementation service. Thus, odoo implementation is done through 15 distinct phases. Which is primarily known as pre-implementation stage, implementation stage and post implementation stage.

Pre-implementation stage

Odoo Pre-Implementation stages explaining

Here the team starts their project works. Thus, it ranges from the project signing to the initial stage of implementation which is business review and requirement Study. And here we make sure that we conduct enough meetings with your key managers or decision makers in the organisation to give you a positive feasibility report in the initial stage of the Implementation itself. Along with that, we set-up a development atmosphere and client hardware infra structure. The pre-implementation end with the last stage which is, assigning roles to the team members who will be the part of the project.

  1. Project Signing & Kickoff
  2. Prepare project charter
  3. Development environment setup
  4. Set-up client hardware infra structure
  5. Team introduction, identify role and assign responsibilities

 Implementation Stage

This is the most important stage of erp development. Here we speak with you about your Odoo implementation requirements. In the beginning of the stage itself, understand your current business processes and document them properly for the better future system. Moreover, here we establish the real system policies for maintaining and backing-up data and executing tasks as per the Odoo implementation plan in concurrence with the project team.

Now the software customisation phase begins. The development team will configure the product for the company based on preset options within the software. They also will customise it, adding new features to the application. The final stage is testing..this is the most important stage and this stage can decide whether your developed system is properly working or not. After the successful software customization, the ERP implementation partner will go for testing to check whether the codes work properly. This involves both unit testing and another internal testing.

odoo Implementation service by odoo service provider Technaureus

The Major work ends here!!

After the software being ready, user training will begin. In this phase, the full set of employees that will be using the new ERP system get trained with it. And also the user will be provided with a training from the side of consultants, helping them to perceive the software workflow. The training will help the end users to derive the best outcome from software via efficiently using them.

  1. Project Planning & Gap Analysis
  2. Business Review & Requirement Study
  3. Re-engineering & Installation
  4. Testing, Training & Piloting
  5. Go Live-Deployment

 Post Implementation Stage

erp Post-Implementation service by Technaureus.

The contract doesn't end here. Maintenance and support are critical for the long-term success not only of customers but also of vendors..because the erp implementation only ends if you provide the proper support based on the contract you signed to the client. Then only they become satisfied with the vendor. Today's client satisfaction is the keystone for getting clients tomorrow. That is the reason why people generally say- "one of the major differences between an unsuccessful and a successful ERP Implementation is after Go live Support". Therefore providing functional and technical support along with server maintenance is also inevitable part of erp implementation.

  1. Post Live support
  2. Functional Support
  3. Technical Support
  4. Server Maintenance
  5. Log Management

Now we hope you understood the Odoo Implementation Stages very clearly. With proper planning, conceptualization, preparation, and support, Technaureus, one of the top Odoo service companies in India, can guarantee a successful Odoo Implementation that takes into account your future business scalability, at a reasonable cost.


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