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Sign the Documents electronically with Odoo 16 Sign Module

Odoo 16

Asharaf.KFeb. 27, 2023

Introduction to Odoo 16 Sign Module

With Odoo 16 Sign module, you can electronically send, sign, and approve documents.

Any PDF file you upload can have fields added by dragging and dropping. These fields are instantly filled with the user's data if they are logged in.

It offers a rapid and efficient method for approving, signing, and delivering documents. Drag and drop blocks to create contracts that the parties can fill out, rapidly issue requests for signatures, and keep track of delivered documents.

Enhanced Features in Odoo 16 Sign Module

Below are the new features available in the Odoo 16 Sign module

Auto Signature

An auto-signature is automatically suggested if the user has never provided a signature (instead of Draw).


Better support for multi-company environments: All outgoing signature requests now originate from the right company, even if the sender user changes businesses.


Green Savings Report - Report based on ecological savings using electronical signatures.

Signing order

To ensure that signatories only receive notifications when it is their turn to sign the document, send signature requests in a certain order.


Recipients can now reject requests to sign a document.

Share Document

Improved sharing options of the sign request via custom generated links

Signature Frame

To make sure that paper copies of signed documents include a visual cue indicating that they were electronically signed, signatures are given a graphic frame.

Extra-Authentication Credits

Allow signatories to submit their signature even if IAP credits are exhausted (for example, for SMS authentication), and alert users through email and the Sign app's interface if there are insufficient or missing credits.

Mobile Layout

Now the user can use the module with an Improved signing experience on mobile devices.

Sign a Document with Odoo 16 Sign Module

Here is the step-by-step process to a sign a document electronically in Odoo 16 Sign Module

  1. Upload the Document

Click on the UPLOAD A PDF TO SIGN button to upload a PDF to send a request for Sign

2. Configuring template for the uploaded PDF

In order send the Document for Sign we need to configure the template properties first.

Click on Template Properties


Add the TYPE of fields, Responsible that needs to be added in the template

Now you cans see the selected fields in the left side of the document and these fields (by drag and drop) wherever required in the documents

Also, it can be selected who supposed to be filled these selected fields (Customer or Employee)

3. Send Document for Signature

Click on Send button to send the documents for requesting signature on the document, 

Select Employee or the User needs to signed and update the message (If any) and click on SEND button.

4.Validate the Document (In Employee or User Portal)

Upon receiving the email, the user or employee will get an email notification and the user can start process of signing the document.

Click on Sign the Document button in the Mail

The document will opened in a new Tab and now click on CLICK TO START

Sign the document using an auto-generated Signature or you can draw the signature also there is an option to load the signature from the local system.

click on Sign or Sign All if there are multiple places same signature that needs to be updated.

Now Click on Validate and Complete the process

System will prompt ‘Thank you!’ message if the validation is Successfully

You can see the document Signed by clicking View Document

Document Dashboard

When a document is signed by the user, the same will get updated in the dashboard, in the dashboard you can filter the documents by their Tag we created.

Document Status

Here you can filter Documents by its STATUS like shared, Sent and fully Signed etc.

Green Saving Report

Reports available based on the number of documents Signed electronically without printing its.

Go to Sign -Reports to generate the green saving Report


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