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Show Project's Customer Satisfaction On Odoo Website


Muhammed NabeelOct. 26, 2018

Customer Satisfaction On Odoo

Customer is the king. Satisfaction of customer is the big achievement in any business. One satisfied customer is worth than saying have lot of customers. But how we track customer feedback, customer rating. Without knowing customer mind, how we improve our services or products?

Odoo already considered the importance of customer and given the provision to rate customer satisfaction.

In order to show Project’s customer satisfaction on Odoo website, First, we need to gather feedback from the customer. To do so, install the Project Rating module.

install the Project Rating moduleNext, go to Project and select a project, then go to its settings:

Select projectThen check the customer email through the project setting itself and select the customer’s rating type as Rating When Changing Stages

check the customer email through the project settingThen edit the project's stages and set an email template on the stages on which you want to activate the rating.

edit the project's stages and set an email template on the stagesThere you have to give the Rating Email Template and select the Automatic Kanban Status.

give the Rating Email Template

After that, go to tasks and check whether the email id is given or not in the Extra info column.


Then change a task from one to another stage.

change a task

ChangeToAnotherStageAfter this, the customer will receive a satisfaction survey email and he can give the feedback.

satisfaction survey email

feedbackWe can see the rating details on the right top corner of Task menu.

rating details

To see this feedback on a website we have to install the Website Rating Project module along with the website app.

Website Rating Project module

Then go to Website, there you can see the Project Customer Satisfaction.

Project Customer Satisfaction

Clicking on that we see it in detail.

Detailed view of Project Customer Satisfaction

Complete details of Project Customer Satisfaction Project rating or project's customer satisfaction is one of the important feature of any project management erp or software. Odoo already include this feature in out of box. This helps to deliver good service or improve better service to your clients.

We expect that, you understood the importance of Customer Satisfaction in the success of a business and also how the Customer Satisfaction works On Odoo Website..

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