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session summary on pos in odoo

Muhammed NabeelMay 1, 2019

Odoo POS Session Report facilitates you to know the summarized details of POS session. This report contains the details like Session Details,Statement Details, Order Summary, Total Transaction etc. Without closing the session user can see the session summary which includes the information about the details of the products sold, opening balance, total sale and payment details. User can also print this summary report. The main feature is that the user can print the report without any POSBOX. The following blog explains how to get session summary on Odoo POS.

To have these we have to install a new module called TIS POS SESSION SUMMARY


After installing the module we have to do some configurations in the POS settings.In order to print the session summary in POS, go to

Configuration> Point Of Sale>Main>POS Session Summary

Making configurations in the POS settings for printing the session summary in POS

Then go to particular POS session, there you can see a button to print the session summary.

Option to print the session summary

POS Session Summary Report be like,

View of report print

Hope you understood how to get session summary on Odoo POS. Technaureus providing Odoo POS solutions in an effective way. We had already developed plethora of apps related to Odoo POS Solutions. You can see the detailed view here.


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