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Schedule Activity And Notification In Odoo


Arunima PJan. 24, 2019

The business includes various types of a process from simple to complex. Scheduling activities have an important role in business enterprises. It is possible to schedule Activity for particular dates or times or leave the time field open to add it to the task list. For those Activities planned with a particular due date and time, you additionally have the alternative of including a Notification. As a result, notifications can be applied to these timed Activities as reminders for upcoming occasions, calls, gatherings, and so on. Schedule Notification and Activity In Odoo is very easy.

Here we have to discuss Schedule activity and notification in Odoo 11 ERP.

Firstly, The Configuration
Go to:


Select a lead.

Schedule Activity And Notification In Odoo is possible by selecting a lead

Then click on the Schedule activity.

Note: Firstly, make sure that enable leads icon in CRM settings.

There are several activities

  • Email
  • Call
  • Meeting
  • Todo
  • Follow-up Quote
  • Make Quote
  • Call for Demo

enable leads icon in CRM settings in schedule activity

You can select the activity and schedule activity in Odoo.

select the activity and schedule your activity

Here I schedule an activity of call. The coming notification will look like this:

schedule a work of call as an example

Next, click on Activity button on the top right.


Click on Clock symbol. You can see the status of the scheduled activity.

schedule activity status view

Besides that feedback, the activity by clicking on Mark as Done in Scheduled Activity.

feedback the work

In short, we can see the similar features in various modules of odoo. CRM is just one example. Even we can develop same feature in any form.


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