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Reduce food waste with catch weight management ERP

Reduce food waste with catch weight management ERP

Anisha M JosephJuly 12, 2019

Role of CatchWeight Management ERP in food industry

Today, it is a worldwide environmental, economic and societal problem as the entire planet is bearing that the burden of food lost and wasted food. Even though there are so many ways to avoid or reuse these wastes under alternative circumstances food manufacturers produce billions of pounds of food waste. The life cycle of food contain various stages, which begins in farms, where it’s grown and harvested from the land of the sea. Later its journey is through the production processes, handling, storage, distribution and consumption. Moreover, throughout this food cycle, there are many chances for the loss and wastage of food, at farms, processing plants, distribution centers, all the way to the supermarkets.

Catch Weighting is a food industry term that means “approximate weight.” For food products that naturally vary in size, such as blocks of cheese or cuts of meat, items are typically sold by a unit such as block or case, but priced by the pound. In this way, 10 blocks of cheese could all sell for different amounts, since each one has a unique weight.

Catch weight products use two units of measure: an inventory unit and a catch weight unit. The inventory unit is the unit of measure in which the product is sold, received, transferred, picked, and shipped. The catch weight unit is the unit by which the the item is weighed and invoiced. A nominal or standard weight is generally defined for the inventory unit, making it easy to determine whether a recorded actual weight is within tolerance.

Food wasting can definitely lead to reduced profits. As a result, this reduced profits and inefficiency of a company can be resolved by an ERP system. The most efficient solution to avoid these problems is within a catchweight management erp system.

Now a days, many major manufacturers and government, are trying to recycle, donate, or reuse the food waste by many ways:

  • Improve packaging
  • Improve the accuracy of forecasting
  • Increasing awareness and practical responses to the food waste emergency
  • Be strategic with portion sizes
  • Provide better consumer education etc..

Benefits of reducing waste

Food waste is a vast problem in world wide, which affect the food production and distribution value chain. So slow down the level of this wastage will definitely benefits not only the consumers or manufacturers but also the entire economy. Reducing food waste can have a great effect on a company’s bottom line. Waste can easily become invisible to decision makers because it is normalized as overhead. However, once food waste is recognized and reduced, it can bring surprisingly large improvements in profit, either through lowering purchasing costs or allowing a company to produce more finished product. It can solve many issues in the stages of inventory or warehouse management.

Role of a food processing / Catch weight ERP in preventing food waste

Avoid Food wastage with catch weight ERP

An erp software can find and solve so many issues in the area of food management. Only an efficient software can  help you in total visibility over every aspect of the organization. If your food item or commodity is not properly measured or if there is any mismatch in its weight measurement, that will definitely affect the business and also lead to big loss. In such cases having an effective catchweight management erp will certainly help you to avoid such issues. As a result, it can decrease raw-materials shortage and materials wasted.

An erp can give you streamlined data across all organizational levels. Moreover, it can improve data stock and inventory levels. The forecasting models of erp that can prevent unnecessary over-ordering and maintain quality through the entire process. Thus, with the proper ordering system or with the accurate measurement, it can reduce spoilage and contamination. Resolving all packaging and labeling requirements will be a great option for the proper managing of food processing system. In addition to this, full inventory traceability is an added advantage with an erp system.

With the lack of proper weight management system there may arise many issues such as: packagers, retailers, and manufacturers face frustration, customer complaints about the items or its quantity, disrupted operations and increased production costs, wastage of products and ingredients.These problems are because of some major reasons like, for many food products, manufacturers and producers need to capture multiple units of measure – quantity of a given item and weight. The catch weight mismatch is a general issue for companies that produce or use fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, poultry, and cheese. Not only do individual units vary in weight, but those weights can change as the product is stored. That will definitely affect the entire system.

With an ERP system, you can track lots, analyze shelf life, avoid overstocking, create accurate inventory orders, avoid cross contamination and everything in between. It’s the one solution that does it all. There for developing a Catch Weight ERP for food industry will be great solution for the whole food processing system especially for solving the food wastage issue. Catch weight technology enable each companies to manage shelf life of products and ingredients efficiently, and more accurately track and trace, and measure both weight and quantity at receipt, picking and inventory movement.

The right ERP software suite focused on food manufacturing processes can enable your organization to go one step forward towards zero food waste. By avoid overstocking, create accurate inventory orders, avoid cross contamination and everything in between, reducing purchasing costs, producing more finished product, while reducing overstocking and streamlining business processes. Thus, it can ensure you the profit. As a top catch weight erp service provider in Kerala, India Technaureus Info solutions also can provide you that assurance for your business. They provide the CATCHW8 Management solution in countries like India, America, Oman, Qatar, KuwaitUAE, Bahrain, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka, Australia , Abu dhabi , Dubai, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Spain, France etc.

The most salient feature in our CatchWeight ERP software for food industry is the zero wastage of the food. Along with that, i am happy to add the other features here which supports our catchweight management software:

  1. Catchweight management
  2. Inventory Tracking
  3. Compatible with external scales
  4. Extendable throughout
  5. Warehouse Management
  6. Quality Control
  7. Potential Recalls
  8. Purchase & Sales Management
  9. Production management
  10. Cloud Solution.
  11. Inventory Management
  12. Maintain data with tolerances
  13. Providing promo offers and discounts for particular customers etc.
  14. Shelf Life of Meat Inventory
  15. Multi company Management
  16. Multi User & Multi currency support
  17. Integrated HR and payroll Management
  18. Integrated Fleet Management
  19. Reports & Analytic Dashboards.

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