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Anisha M JosephApril 1, 2019

                                 Change is the law of nature

Some of you may think why the caption is like this. The answer is here in the concept of rebranding which is explained here in detail. Rebranding is not only the change of image, logo or name but it is the change of a vision. Branding is the representation of a product, service, or company..although as the name indicates, rebranding is the creation of new image for the same, in order to make it more attractive and successful..Those who desires a new look for their business or product will definitely choose the rebranding. It amplify the world of business opportunities.

Keeping traditional identity is good but walking towards the future world is also good. If everything in this world keeps everything as old ,there will not be any such advancements may happens as now. So as the law of nature, rebranding is a good work.  There are several reasons for a company to go for rebranding. One prominent factor is to connect with customers. Rebranding is good for the business, but at the same time it may be risky. There is always a possibility that the consumers do not like the new brand.

Even if you are not much interested to rebrand your product, some times you need to face live business challenges, thus new competitive forces may put pressure on you to adapt new way.

Reasons behind the Businesses Rebrand:

New Market Outreach:
If you have planned to test your product/service in a new market, regardless of whether that be another kind of customer base, another nation, etc, you'll most likely discover the need to reshape your identity or image to something that can best associate with that new people. Each new consumer-base has a special set of desires, needs and behaviours, and a rebrand can help to ignite the appeal your organizations needs to broaden its reach.

Loss of Reliability:
Consumers are the prime factor in the popularity of a brand. Some times their is a chance of loss in trust towards a brand. That may be because of many reasons. It is one of the time companies need to rebrand.

Reputation Management:
Rebranding is used in online reputation management as a last measure to repair the online reputation of a product or brand. It may looks like a radical measure to change the name and image of a company, but it’s an effective strategy for online reputation damage control.

Just to follow the new trends:

The number of people who like to follow new trends are much higher than the people interested to keep the old things for ever. So while prioritising the majority, some organizations go with them and change their brand for better success.

9 Things need to be consider while rebranding:

  • Thoroughly understand why you are rebranding
  • Make a detailed plan of your rebranding strategy
  • The new brand should be launched with much empathy and care.
  • Make a detailed study about Your Customers
  • Analyse your existing brand value
  • Establish what success looks like
  • Identify the existing problem
  • Deep knowledge about your competitors
  • Company must be ready to spend a significant amount of money in advertising, communications, and promotion.

Few examples of rebranded Indian companies:

  • Vodafone
  • Hero Honda
  • Examples of companies which rebranded their logoSnapdeal
  • Axis Bank
  • India Post
  • Godrej
  • Dabur
  • Airtel

World wide Examples:

  • Dunkin
  • Burberry
  • YouTube
  • Coty
  • GLPS
  • ACLU
  • Budweiser
  • McDonald’s

 Thinking to rebrand? We can help you!!

A brand is not just a logo, a website or your business cards.. It's your vision. So it's all about choosing a right business branding partner. Technaureus a strategic business branding partner takes your brand in front of the contenders with our creative branding components. We comprehend our customers’ branding needs, and we offer the full package with regards to branding services. Concept of rebranding expand the world of business opportunities. We can assure you that our rebranding service provide a new outlook for your business.

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